When you’re a computer guy and the power goes out three times in your building in one day, it doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

I did manage to re-work the Red Sox Daily Links and Patriots Daily Links pages this week. They’re still not “pretty” pages, (any web designers out there feel free to contact me) but I added a lot more feeds to the page to ensure that you’re almost always going to find new stories about the teams. Both pages now include feeds from blogs, both media blogs and select independent blogs. For instance, the Boston Globe and Reiss’ Pieces feeds have been combined into one feed in one box. I did that for the Herald and Projo and their blogs as well.

Those pages should help out for those looking for unique links all on one page while I’m away next month.

Here’s a few links for the afternoon:

Murk Jurkowitz has a look at an interesting study that claims that the New York Times actually devoted more coverage to the Red Sox (of which it is a part owner) than it did to the Yankees and Mets in the 2005-2006 offseason.

Jim Baker, Nashua Telegraph – Newbies may press Kenyans for Boston Marathon title on Monday.

Andrew Neff, Bangor Daily News – Low water alters coverage of race.

Boston Radio Watch – Marathon Monday is a One Station Race.

Richard Sandomir, New York Times – Yankee Programming Goes Over the Wall.

Bob Raissman, New York Daily News – Hey George, quit shovin’!

Phil Mushnick, New York Post – Lazy Daze

Andrew Marchand, New York Post – Business Boom-ing at MSG.

Michael McCarthy, USA Today – Sprint draft deal just the start for NFL.

Barry Jackson, Miami Herald – Local sportscasts get mixed reviews.

Dave Darling, Orlando Sentinel – Perfect (or not) for radio.

David Barron, Houston Chronicle – Milo keeps tabs on pupils, Astros on his first day off.

Larry Stewart, Los Angeles Times – Barkley Won’t Lay Off the Lakers or Playoffs.

Also Stewart – Dodgers, Angels Keep Changing the Channel.

Interesting thread over at sportsjournalists.com (careful, it can get nasty there) looking at the Globe/Red Sox conflict of interest.