This weekend provides a plethora of sporting choices for the viewer. We’ve got the Masters, as well as regular season MLB, NBA and NHL games. Boston College plays for the NCAA hockey championship Saturday night. There’s also MLS and NASCAR events this weekend.

Some Weekend Links:

Red Sox Daily Links

Patriots Daily Links

New York Sports Links

Live From Augusta

Notes from the week:

*If you’re watching the Masters this afternoon, here’s a heads up. If you want HD coverage, turn to your CBS HD channel (On Comcast, I think it should be 804). If you turn to just regular channel 4, you’re going to get regular daily CBS programming. If you don’t have HD and want to watch the action from today, it’s being broadcast in regular definition on USA.

*The Red Sox began the regular season this week, and the storylines so coveted by talking show hosts are playing out as well as can be expected. We’ve already have mini maelstroms around Josh Bard’s debut catching Tim Wakefield (They never should’ve traded Mirabelli!!!) and Jonathan Papelbon being brought in to close a game Wednesday (Foulke is angry!!! What are they going to do when Foulke is back!!! They’re hindering the kid’s development by not having him in the rotation!!!) Just think, only six more months of this!


*The Red Sox have their home opener this Tuesday with an afternoon game against the Blue Jays. ESPN Radio (Mike & Mike in the Morning) and WEEI will be broadcasting from the Red Sox home opener.

*Office-bound sports fan in New England will soon have another option in sports radio to help them through the day. WFAN in New York will so begin on-line streaming of their daily broadcasts, starting next Tuesday. While this will be especially good to listen to when Boston teams are playing New York, it will also be a welcome option to listen to during the NFL season. Of course, this week hasn’t been a great one at WFAN as they’ve been having WEEI-like shouting matches over whether Mets closer Billy Wagner has the right to have “Enter Sandman” played when he comes into the game. After all, that is Mariano Rivera’s theme song…no one else can use it! (See Neil Best’s column linked below)

*While we’ll get the chance to listen to Mike and Mad Dog and other WFAN programming, word came down earlier this week that FSN NY will be showing “Sports Tonight” with Greg Dickerson and Gary Tanguay in the NY market on a nightly basis for transplanted Red Sox fans living in enemy territory. Somehow, I think we got the better of that particular exchange…

*Who wants to break the news to Nick Cafardo that the NFL office didn’t feel bad for the Patriots and decide to give them an easy schedule this year? The “Hostess” cupcake schedule delivered to the Patriots was actually put together years ago. You can go out and look at most of the Patriots home and away games for 2009 with a little work on Google. Don’t Patriots fans deserve a little better coverage of this team? While we’re at it, how about John Tomase suggesting…nay, declaring, on his blog that