David Givens was introduced as the newest member of the Tennesse Titans today as the wide receiver left the Patriots for the chance to be the top target of Steve McNair. Mike Reiss has some bits from the press conference. Tom Casale of Patriots Football Weekly has a free agent mailbag. Eric McHugh looks at Willie McGinest talking like an ex-Patriot. Cold Hard Football Facts explains why Edgerrin James was dumb to sign with Arizona. (Beyond the obvious)

Rich Thompson says that the Celtics four game road trip which begins tonight in Memphis could make or break their season. Mike Fine has Doc Rivers saying that the team is going to need Delonte West and Kendrick Perkins at full strength for this road trip. Some guy named Bruce Allen looks at the Celtics at the 3/4 season mark over on the FSN webpage.

Terry Francona got his contract extension today, the Globe Extra Bases blog has a brief report on the deal. Ray Duckler looks at Matt Clement, who is feeling in top form this spring after rediscovering his sinker. Duckler also looks at Mike Lowell as he tries to come back from an off year with the Marlins.

The BSMW messageboard has their own NCAA bracket group challenge set up. If you want to participate in a BSMW front page reader bracket group from ESPN, I created a BSMW_Public group if you want to participate in that. You’ll need to sign up for a free user account on ESPN.com (make sure you opt out of the many advertising options) and then click on this above link to join the group.

Bill Simmons has his mom and wife fill out brackets and analyzes the results.