It’s another fairly slow sports weekend, with the Winter Olympics, NBA and College basketball making up the major events. This will be the last weekend of the Winter Games, as the closing ceremonies will air on NBC at 7:00 Sunday night.

Olympic TV listings can be found on the NBC Olympics website, as well as on the simplified MSNBC TV listings page.

We have a somewhat brief edition this week, with not much going on outside of Manny talk on the airwaves during the past 4 days. The Manny stuff cracks me up because it’s clearly just a time-filler for talk radio. The new theme regarding Manny for the on-air hosts goes something like this: “I love Manny and want him on this team, I don’t want to trade him, but he needs to be held accountable for his actions.” Sounds good. Except no one actually offers to explain HOW the team might be able to make him accountable for his absences, lapses and incidents. I’m not going to argue that what happened this week isn’t newsworthy. It is. What is annoying is the “analysis” offered by the media experts who seem to just repeat the same phrases 3-4 times an hour.

Some notes from the week:

  • I checked in with former Globe sports media writer Bill Griffith, who has been in Italy since January 31st. He’s been working with NBC for the Olympics in their Research Room and putting out a daily in-house newsletter during the Winter Olympics. He notes that it’s been interesting to see the magnitude of the operation from the inside.
  • FSN’s coverage from the beach in Spring Training has been garnering attention from the locals. Laura Ruane in the Southwest Florida News-Press has a look at the broadcasts and the influx of Red Sox fans to the region. The same paper has a pretty decent Red Sox blog by Glenn Miller, who has been making entries from Fort Myers each day.
  • FSN will keep the buzz going next week as they unveil a new stadium themed set for the newly renamed Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight. The new set features four distinct zones – the Dick