We’re in probably the least eventful sports viewing weekend of the winter. (Though I haven’t looked, but next weekend could be worse.) I should probably rephrase that. There are several big “events” happening over the next few days, but the overall schedule is fairly sparse. Your viewing choices for the next few days essentially boil down to the Winter Olympics, College basketball and the Daytona 500. The NBA has their All Star game on Sunday night, and a couple of All Star Weekend events, but that’s all.

The Turin Winter Olympics continue this weekend, and Men’s Hockey will be among the events that are featured on the broadcasts the next few days. On the NBC Olympics Page, you can get an overview of events, and by clicking on the TV Listings tab, you can enter your zip code, choose your cable provider and get the listings for your area. I find the simple Olympics TV Listings on MSNBC easier to navigate and find what is on at a certain time. If you’re looking for what events from Turin are going to be shown in HD, as well as any sports events in HD, I highly recommend the HD Sports Guide webpage. It’s a great resource for any sports fan with an High Definition TV.

TNT has the NBA All Star game coverage for the weekend, with events each evening. The network even has provided a 25 page PDF All Star viewer’s guide that can be downloaded from their website.

The 48th annual Daytona 500 will be broadcast on NBC at 1:30 Sunday afternoon. Jeff Burton has the pole for the race, which will be shown in high definition for NBC’s final showing of the event before it moves exclusively to FOX next year under the terms of NASCAR’s new television contract. For more information on the Daytona 500, you can check out Nascar.com, ESPN’s Nascar Page, CNN/SI’s Racing Page, or the DIS Page.


Picked Up Bits From the Week

WEEI announced this week that they will soon be broadcasting in the Western part of Massachusetts on newly acquired FM signal 105.5, which is currently WBEC. Dale Arnold announced the news Thursday morning, noting that he expects the Springfield station to convert to WEEI programming sometime in the next couple months.

Plenty of Roger Clemens talk this week on the radio and TV airwaves. It made for good talk show fodder during an otherwise slow sports talk week. My only question about Clemens’ possible return is whether the Herald will resurrect the sidebar feature The World According to Roger should #21 return to the hub.

Steve Burton Claims He Knows of Hockey Players Betting on Hockey

Last Sunday night on Sports Final, Steve Burton, after prompting from Bob Lobel, claimed to have knowledge of hockey players betting on hockey games. He didn’t elaborate further on the topic, but affirmed that he was certain of this information. It did not get followed up on, and while it was mentioned on the Dale & Holley show on Monday, it still wasn’t made too big an issue of. On Wednesday Glenn Ordway asked Burton to explain what happened, and Burton explained as follows: