Welcome to the second edition of BSMW SporTView. Last week, the feedback was positive, though a couple people expressed a wish to have a chart of sports events this weekend rather than having me go over each event in the blog entry. The result is the chart to the right below. You can leave it in the entry, or if you click on it, it will pop up into a separate window, which you can leave open on your computer for quick reference. You could also print it out to keep near your TV for the weekend.

Football widows beware, this marks the NFL’s first weekend of Saturday/Sunday coverage.

Jim McCabe and Jim Lazar have their weekend NFL picks. You can also check the selections of the Globe sports writers. Double D and I.M. Bettor also look at the action.

Patrick Hanrahan and Steve Britt file fantasy columns.

Ira Miller in the San Francisco Chronicle has a great column looking back at the snow game, and how it changed the lives of so many people involved.

Over the weekend, you can check in on the Patriots Daily Links Page and Game Day Rear View as well as Reiss’ Pieces for Patriots updates.

Be sure to also check in on the following:

Red Sox Daily Links Page

BSMW Full Court Press – Good stuff on WEEI’s efforts to talk Celtics this week.

BSMW Power Play – Create a Bruins wish list.

Sports Media Reporters from around the country:

    Note: some of these may require free registration. The easiest thing to do is use the FireFox browser with the BugMeNot extension…it will fill in all that stuff for you.

  • Richard Sandomir, NY Times – Show Proves Less Knicks Is More, More or Less.
  • Bob Raissman, NY Daily News – Media now mum on Tiki’s sked.
  • Neil Best, NY Newsday – Giving MNF a proper send-off.
  • Phil Mushnick, NY Post – Tenacious Tom.
  • Bill Conlin, Philly.com – Caught in Spin Cycle.
  • Jim Williams, Washington Examiner – A-Team tackles Skins-Boys
  • Ed Sherman, Chicago Tribune – BMW to drive off with Western sponsorship.
  • Barry Jackson, Miami Herald – The good, bad and ugly of ’05.
  • Michael Hiestand, USA Today – ABC alters studio complexion with celebrity guests.
  • Larry Stewart, LA Times – ESPN’s Smith Stays Close to USC.
  • David Barron, Houston Chronicle – Astros’ new road voice won’t be named till ’06.
  • Tom Hoffarth, LA Daily News – SI writer ready to own up to his story.
  • Chris Zelkovich, Toronto Star – Skating’s TV figures in death spiral.

Anyone else think that it is curious that all four major New York papers have a sports media columnist, while both major papers in Boston have cut theirs in the last year or so?

Media Bits from This Week:

This week’s sign of the apocalypse: Bill Simmons, the ESPN Page 2 Sports Guy appeared on WEEI with Dennis and Callahan on Tuesday morning. They were able to joke about Simmons referring to them as “Aryan monoliths” in the past. The appearance was to promote Simmons’ local book signings this week. Simmons then spent Wednesday with Michael Felger on ESPN Radio Boston.

If ESPN Radio Boston just had a better signal, I’m convinced they would take some listeners from WEEI. In fact, if I were to create a “plan to beat WEEI” (perhaps a future column) the item at the top of the list would be to get a station with signal strength. This week, The Drive with Mike Felger was very good, with Simmons one day, and Bob Ryan on another. They served as a welcome respite from soap opera sports radio.

The WEEI/Mike Adams studio “takeover” was mildly amusing at times, downright annoying at others. What gets me is that some apparently weren’t sure if this was a stunt or not. The station spent weeks setting this up. How about Butch Sterns giving the story attention on the FOX25 news? Not like Butchie has anything to gain from giving the station some more pub.

Good job Butch, you’ve just earned yourself more Big Show appearances in the coming weeks. Maybe you can put another addition on your house. You did say that WEEI paid for your last one, right?

Trust me, it’s no coincidence that Wednesday marked the end of the fall ratings book. Nice little soap opera/publicity stunt that the station pulled to try to make a final push to close out the period. Can’t blame them, and as I said, it was mildly amusing at times. Only Mike Adams could pull something like that off for that length of time over a show.

The 2006 WEEI Whiny Awards will be held on February 28th at TD Banknorth Garden.

Wednesday afternoon’s Big Show segment with Jamie Most, which had Glenn Ordway telling stories from his days doing Celtics games with Jamie’s father Johnny Most, was a true highlight of the week. Great memories and sound clips from my youth, including Johnny setting his pants on fire, and trying to pronounce the names of Yugoslavian players over in Madrid in 1988.

Rob Bradford is kicking butt and taking names at the Lawrence Eagle Tribune. It doesn’t always get noticed because of the ET’s weird online publishing schedule, but he has been at the front of every story this offseason, including an exclusive with John Henry, the fact that the Red Sox hired a consultant to examine Lucchino’s role with the team, the Sox being interested in Jeremy Reed and today’s story about a Coco Crisp trade with Cleveland being contingent on Nomar signing with the Indians.

Finally the Boston Globe Reader Panel sent out the following questionnaire recently:

The Boston Globe and Boston.com are considering launching a special online section called Sportsplus in early 2006. Sportsplus would be the essential resource for news, opinions and discussion about New England's sports teams, produced daily by the country's best sports writers.
Would potentially include:

a) Daily columns by Bob Ryan, Dan Shaughnessy, Jackie MacMullan or other Boston Globe sports columnists
b) Sports feature stories, pre-game and post-game analysis
c) Sports articles from opposing teams' newspaper web sites
d) Daily Blogs such as Reiss's Pieces, Extra Bases and Net Minders
e) Game-time Blog by Boston Globe reporter
f) Blogs by players and managers
g) Opportunities to submit questions and comments directly to Globe sports writers
h) Monthly online chats with sports writers from The Boston Globe
i) MP3 recordings of live interviews
j) An email that alerts you about the subjects of new articles
k) A scrolling banner on the Sportsplus home page that highlights key articles or breaking news
l) Access to archived articles from The Boston Globe, including organized collections of articles
m) Access to archived photos from The Boston Globe, and the ability to create your own photo gallery, screen saver or electronic greeting card
n) Poll other subscribers on subjects chosen by you
o) Opportunities to attend live interviews of players, coaches and managers
p) Opportunities to attend live player panel discussions
q) Opportunities to be in the audience during NESN broadcast tapings
r) Venues for subscribers to meet at games

If this potential product were launched, the exclusive content and access provided through Sportsplus would be available for free to those who subscribe to The Boston Globe printed newspaper. Others could subscribe to Sportsplus for a low monthly or annual fee. Those who do not subscribe to The Boston Globe printed newspaper or the Sportsplus section of Boston.com would no longer have access to Boston Globe sports columnists or the other benefits noted in the previous question through the main Boston.com web site. Based on a fee of $5.95 per month, or $49.95 per year for access to Sportsplus, what would you do?

More from Paidcontent.org.

While there are some intriguing ideas here, I don’t see this going over very well should it be implemented. In fact, some people may rejoice that they can no longer read certain columnists…

The Globe Ombudsman might be a good person to contact to voice your opinion on this.