Michael Felger has his Patriots Report Card for their game against the Bills, and says they looked like the old Patriots in this one. Michael Parente points out that since Corey Dillon and Kevin Faulk returned last week against the Jets, the Patriots have looked like a different team. Bill Burt thinks that Tom Brady should be the NFL MVP this season. He says Brady is the most feared player in the league, and perhaps the best athlete in pro sports right now. That might be overstating things just a tad, but there’s no doubt Brady should be at least seriously considered for his performance this season. Jonathan Comey says that twelve is the magic number for the Patriots. If they have twelve, they have hope. Chris Kennedy reports that Brady’s injury from Sunday is not serious. Alan Greenberg also looks at Brady’s injury, noting that prospects would be grim for the Patriots without him.

The Patriots Game Day Rear View looks at the Patriots making more progress this week in their efforts to make a run during January. John Tomase looks at the attack-style mode in which the Patriots defense has operated the last two weeks. Karen Guregian tells us not to get too excited over the last two games. The Patriots are after all, still only an 8-5 club without much hope of advancing past the second round of the playoffs. Jerome Solomon has a look at Tampa QB Chris Simms. Tomase’s notebook has more on Brady’s injured leg. Fluto Shinzawa’s notebook has Belichick defending Brady’s block on Sunday which was whistled for a 15 yard penalty.

So much for Patriots Monday, eh? The Red Sox once again swooped in and stole the headlines and talk away from the Patriots. You’re telling me that this press conference…with news that had been rumored for days…couldn’t have waited one day? Seriously, this is a front page, above the fold, news story? It sure seems that Dr Charles and the Red Sox PR people simply cannot stand to see anyone get attention (good or bad) besides themselves. It’s bad enough that Patriots coverage in the Red Sox house organ of the Boston Globe is relegated to a single, short notebook entry today (Solomon’s article about was the Tampa QB) but they had to be smiling to hear WEEI intros all afternoon on the Big Show: “Welcome to Patriots Monday…we’re going to get into this whole Red Sox Co-GM thing today…” Michael Felger’s ESPN Radio show was a welcome respite from the Red Sox talk, but as soon as I got in my car at 5:00, I couldn’t get the station in any more.

Chris Snow looks at the Red Sox announcement yesterday that Jed Hoyer and Ben Cherington will be serving as Co-GM’s for the Red Sox. Jeff Horrigan notes that the duo will continue to live in the shadow of Theo Epstein, as they did even in their own introductory press conference. Shalise Manza Young says that what should’ve been a great day for Cherington and Hoyer was turned into an opportunity for the media to grill Larry Lucchino about Epstein. David Heuschkel has more on the appointment, and observes the power that Lucchino holds over them. Lenny Megliola writes that “it