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The Theo Epstein saga seems to be winding down a little in the papers, but be assured it has a talk radio life of at least three more weeks. David Heuschkel and Jeff Horrigan have recaps of John Henry’s appearance on WEEI yesterday, where he was still expressing shock and dismay over the departure of Theo. Here is a link to the segment via the WEEI Audio vault – John Henry’s WEEI Appearance. As we begin to accept the fact the Theo isn’t going to be the GM of the Red Sox anymore, Jim Donaldson tells us that it isn’t the end of the world anyway. Horrigan reports that Theo may not be just looking for a GM position when he finally lands somewhere, he could be a team president for another club out there, possibly in Washington. Chris Snow and Tony Massarotti report that the Red Sox can apparently scratch the name of Padres GM Kevin Towers off of their wish list to be the next General Manager, as Towers indicated yesterday that he will say in San Diego and doesn’t want to uproot his family at this time. Nick Tavares wonders if the Evil Empire is creeping north to Yawkey Way.

Steven Krasner has newly re-signed Mike Timlin fretting a little over the loss of Epstein. Horrigan’s notebook points out that Timlin did pretty well for himself, working without an agent. Bill Griffith examines the issues of baseball replay. Snow’s notebook looks at David Ortiz winning the AL Outstanding player in the Players Choice awards, voted on by the players.

The Bruins got themselves a win last night, netting a 4-1 victory over the Florida Panthers. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at the Bruins getting the win despite putting out a very injured and young defense. Douglas Flynn says with the defense hurting the Bruins used their forwards to put a lot of pressure on the Panthers. Joe McDonald reports on the Bruins young guns bringing energy, passion and a will to win last night. Stephen Harris looks at the young blueliners taking a stand last night against the Panthers. Marvin Pave examines the contributions of rookie defenseman Andrew Alberts.

The Bruins officially named Ray Bourque a special consultant to the Bruins coaching staff yesterday. Mick Colageo looks at the role and how Bourque might be able to help out. Joe Haggerty looks at the return of Bourque, and how having him around could benefit the young defensemen on the Bruins. Flynn also as a short report on how the role of tutor will be Bourque’s way of being around the team. Burrell’s notebook also looks at the return of Bourque, as does McDonald’s notebook. Eric Nickulas is back up with the Bruins, and he is the subject of Flynn’s notebook.

The Patriots have the weekend to rest, but get back to work on Monday night against the undefeated Indianapolis Colts. John Tomase says that until the Colts prove otherwise, the Patriots have the edge on them in this game, despite what it looks like on paper. Nick Cafardo says that Peyton Manning is more relaxed going into this game, with good reason, but that until he actually beats the Patriots, he’s going to have that 400lb gorilla on his back. Tom E Curran also looks at the Colts trying to finally get over the hump against the Patriots. That is also the focus out in Indianapolis, where the Indy Star has several articles looking at whether the Colts can finally break through against the Patriots.

Alan Greenberg says that the Patriots will likely have to keep their tight ends in once again in an effort to help keep Dwight Freeney off of Tom Brady’s back. Chris Kennedy has a further look at Freeney, who leads the Colts pass rush and defense. Ian M Clark wonders if this will be the week we’ll finally see Richard Seymour out on the field. Jerome Solomon says that the absence of Seymour leaves a gaping hole on the Patriots defensive line. Eric McHugh notes that if the other Patriots running backs are like Corey Dillon when he’s hurt – a junkyard dog – then the Colts should be worried. Mike Reiss reports that the Patriots had former Patriot Mike Cloud in for a workout yesterday. If you missed his mailbag from earlier in the week, it’s always worth checking out.

Solomon’s notebook has Willie McGinest downplaying comments he made about the Colts earlier this year on ESPN. Tomase’s notebook has Rodney Harrison speaking out on the Colts. Curran’s notebook says that this years knee injury for Seymour is the same as the one that kept him out a month last season.

Jim McCabe and Jim Lazar make their weekly picks in the Globe and Herald. I.M. Bettor and Double D also look at the weekend action. Patrick Hanrahan looks at the fantasy stats for Patriots/Colts.

Mark Murphy says that the ankle that Al Jefferson sprained on the first day of training camp is still giving him some trouble. Mike Fine has a look back at the opening night win over the Knicks and the performance of Delonte West. Fine also had a piece on Red Auerbach holding court prior to the game. Peter May says that the Celtics have some pretty stiff tests in the early home schedule. Murphy’s notebook reports on Red still winning his share of arguments, even if it is over a pastrami sandwich.

David Scott has his regular Friday edition of Scott’s Shots. Also, Jim Baker looks at The Globe and Eddie Andelman in his weekly media column for the Nashua Telegraph.

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FSN has Celtics/Pistons at 7:30. ESPN has Cavs/Spurs at 8:00 and Timberwolves/Sonics at 10:00