Tedy Bruschi was back out on the practice field yesterday, going through a full workout with his Patriots teammates. Karen Guregian reports on the part of practice that the media was allowed to see, observing that it seemed to be full steam ahead for the Patriots linebacker. Kevin McNamara says that while the workout was a success, it actually revealed little, as the team only engaged in light hitting out on the field. Alan Greenberg notes that Bruschi was relieved to get that first practice session under his belt, and feels confident that he made most of the right reads on the defense during the practice. Jerome Solomon notes Bruschi trying to get some contact out of non-contact drills. Chris Kennedy observes that the day was as much about the huge playoff like media contingent around Foxboro as it was about Bruschi, who they all came to see. Dan Pires says so much for the bye week being a week of rest and reduced activity. Michael Parente says that Bruschi is being welcomed back by a defense that needs his big play ability. Albert Breer lists out five ways in which Bruschi can have an impact on the Patriots defense.

Ron Borges teased his article for today while on WWZN yesterday, snidely promising a tale of a guy who was in the same situation as Bruschi, and things didn’t work out quite so well for him. It continued a bi-polar week for Borges, who seemingly has jumped to each side of the issue on each day this week. The piece is on Brian Mullen, brother of Joey, who played for the Islanders in the early 90’s, and suffered a minor stroke in August of ’93. He attempted to come back in March of 1994 after being cleared by all doctors, and went through practice with the club. Afterwards, he suffered a seizure. He never played in the league again. (Though he believes he could have, and wishes he did.) Karen Guregian has a shorter second piece on Bruschi, who said yesterday that part of his comeback will be to raise awareness for stroke victims. Bruschi wasn’t the only Patriot returning to practice yesterday as Richard Seymour also was active, and is targeting the Buffalo game for his return. Eric McHugh has a good piece on the biggest disappointment with the Patriots thus far this season, how their depth and defense have failed get the job done. Christopher Price looks at the toughest ever opening schedule in the NFL finally coming to a close for the Patriots. Michael Felger looks at Duane Starks stepping up to face the critics over his recent play.

Solomon’s notebook has rookie Logan Mankins explaining what happened to get him ejected at the end of the first half of Sunday’s game. Guregian’s notebook reports on Guss Scott being finished for the year. McNamara’s notebook has Starks planning on turning himself around. Parente’s notebook has more on Starks standing up for himself after getting torched on Sunday. Pires’ notebook observes that there is still time for Starks to straighten himself out.

Mark me down as one caught by surprise that WEEI could spend a full 12 hours talking about the new NBA dress code yesterday. It got to the point that by 4:00, when Michael Felger’s show came on ESPN Radio Boston, callers were thanking him for not talking about that subject, and instead talking some real topics. Shira Springer has Paul Pierce disagreeing with the rule, noting that NBA players are not businessmen. Tim Weisberg says that the dress code is not too much to ask of millionaires. Shalise Manza Young reports on last night’s loss at the Garden, which can be pinned on the reserves not getting the job done. Steve Bulpett says that the Celtics’s need to get their bench and point guard spots figured out. Mike Fine looks at Delonte West, of whom it seems to be constantly said “He has a high basketball IQ”. Mark Murphy looks at the two top sixth men in the league last year apparently moving into starting roles this seaon. Paul Doyle has a look at one of those players, former UConn star Ben Gordon. Bulpett has the Celtics players and brass appreciative that they are once again playing in the Garden.

Shira Springer notes that there is a steep learning curve ahead for first round pick Gerald Green, who needs a lot of work before he’s going to see the type of playing time that Al Jefferson and Tony got last year. Bulpett’s notebook has more on Paul Pierce’s unhappiness with the dress code. Young’s notebook has more on that topic. While Bulpett’s notebook reports that Tony Allen went to Chicago last night to talk to the police about the shooting involving a member of his entourage in August, the Chicago Sun Times reports that Allen was arrested by Chicago police last night.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Joe McDonald each report that Joe Thornton could be back in the Bruins lineup as early as tonight when the Bruins play the Sabres at the Garden. Stephen Harris says that the Bruins are in a bit of an identity crisis as they seek a defining personality and style. Bill Griffith reports that some Bruins fans had a hard time finding Tuesday night’s game on OLN.

You won’t have Dale Sveum to kick around any more. The third base coach of the Red Sox left the team yesterday to accept the same job with the Milwaukee Brewers. Chris Snow says that the reason for Sveum’s departure was not the heat he took for his performance, but wanting to be with a team that trained in Arizona so he could spend extra time with his family. Michael Silverman says that the Red Sox won’t just be replacing Sveum this offseason, first base coach Lynn Jones has been demoted to the minors and will also be replaced.Sean McAdam and David Heuschkel also look at the depature of Sveum. Heuschkel also included this bit at the end of his report:

Epstein expected to sign: The Red Sox are expected to sign general manager Theo Epstein to a contract extension in the next week. His current deal expires Oct. 31.

Snow also reports on the Astros going to their first ever World Series with a 5-1 win over the Cardinals last night. Gordon Edes looks at White Sox GM Kenny Williams, who made all the right moves this season in getting his team to the World Series. Buddy Thomas has tears of joy over his White Sox.

Jim McCabe weighs in on the Michael Bamberger/Michelle Wie disqualification story, and claims it should never have become the huge story that it has.

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NESN has Bruins/Sabres at 7:00. ESPN has Virginia Tech/Maryland at 7:30.