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Bob Ryan is again the voice of reason on the local scene, this time in assessing the Patriots. Perhaps you might be disappointed, or frustrated at the 3-3 start. Don’t be. Ryan assures us that this is not a disaster, and that there is time for Bill Belichick and the team to turn this around. John Tomase notes that the Patriots defense isn’t a scary physically as it has been the last couple seasons, and could use a little more punch. Alan Greenberg says that Tyrone Poole isn’t walking through that door anytime soon, fans. The Patriots cornerback said that he had a “setback” in his recovery from an ankle injury. However, when asked about it yesterday on ESPN Radio Boston 890, Coach Bill Belichick didn’t really want to label it that way, as reported by Mike Reiss. The interview by the way, was quite good overall. Michael Felger has a look at Poole, who insists that he’s not frustrated at how long its taking him to come back, simply because football is not his life. As Felger notes, that might be the problem right there…

Jerome Solomon looks at the Patriots offense, which despite being the same system as in years past, has been inconsistent at times this year, leading him to wonder if there is an adjustment period going on with the loss of Charlie Weis. Kevin McNamara reports that it could be a rough bye weekend for Jarvis Green, who is going home to New Orleans to examine the damage on a first hand basis for the first time since Hurricane Katrina. Chris Kennedy looks at how Duane Starks is holding up during this rough time in his career. Ian M Clark has a look at how the Patriots rookie class is faring thus far this season. Michael Parente has Bill Belichick reminding all that everyone, all the coaches, and players are responsible for the 3-3 start to the season, and if they’re going to turn it around, it will be together as well. Eric McHugh says that a healthy Tedy Bruschi and Richard Seymour would certainly go a long way towards shoring up the defense. Christopher Price looks at how various members of the team stand as we hit the bye week, and what some of them will be doing this weekend.

Cold Hard Football Facts hits the nail on the head with the media coverage this week and last regarding Tedy Bruschi’s return to the Patriots. Many of these so-called “experts” are in no position to comment on the situation and tell Bruschi that he should not resume his football career. Especially worthy of the disgust of fans are people like Joh Dennis, Jon Meterparel and Brian Baldinger, who insist that Bruschi is simply returning out of selfish ego. As one media figure/observer told me this week after seeing Meterparel on FSN Monday night; “That was the single dumbest argument I have ever heard on a radio or TV show – we are turning into a media culture where it’s almost good for your career to go out and say the dumbest thing possible because it keeps you in the limelight for a couple of days.”

Solomon’s notebook says that Tedy Bruschi is playing catch-up with the rest of his teammates as he continues to get ready for his return to game action. Karen Guregian’s notebook says that the Pats aren’t rushing Bruschi into contact situations just yet. McNamara’s notebook has a look at Arturo Freeman hoping to make an impact in the Patriots secondary. Parente’s notebook has more on Poole, whose status appears will remain in limbo for some time to come. McHugh’s notebook has another look at Starks, who vows to overcome his rough start with the Patriots.

Jim Lazar and Jim McCabe make their weekly picks for the Herald and Globe respectively. I.M. Bettor and Double D also weigh in on the pro action this weekend. On the fantasy football end, Patrick Hanrahan has some advice this week, and Michael Salfino also weighs in with some counsel. The Globe tells us Who’s Hot and who’s not.

The Bruins finally got to play a game at the Garden last night, but the home ice didn’t give them an edge, as they fell to the Sabres 4-3. Jim McCabe has Bruins coach Mike Sullivan saying that his team is giving up too many chances to the opposition. Douglas Flynn says that the extra games against division opponents isn’t working out so well for the Bruins thus far. Mick Colageo confirms this, noting that the loss was the Bruins fifth in five division games thus far. Joe McDonald notes that the effort was there for the Bruins, they just failed in the details. Mick Colageo confirms this, noting that the loss was the Bruins fifth in five division games thus far. Steve Conroy says that Nick Boynton is still adjusting to the new NHL rules. Flynn reports that Ray Bourque’s deal with the Bruins to become a part-time assistant coach is all but finalized at this point. Conroy looks at P.J. Axelsson, one of the Bruins who appears to have benefited from the new rules. Flynn also looks at Holliston native Mike Grier playing in front of his home crowd last night.

McCabe’s notebook looks at Joe Thornton’s return to the lineup last night. The Captain tallied six shots in his return from back problems. Flynn’s notebook also reports on the return of Jumbo Joe, while McDonald’s notebook has more on Ray Bourque re-joining the Bruins.

Michael Silverman reports that tales of possible Manny trades this offseason may have life yet. Meanwhile, it appears that one season in Boston was enough for David Wells, according to Gordon Edes’s notebook, the lefty has requested a trade to the West coast. The team is expected to try and accommodate his wishes. The notebook also reports on the Theo Epstein contract talks and Manny trade talk. Gordon Edes gives us just the facts in looking at this World Series matchup. Dom Amore notes that both clubs have rather forgettable pasts. Chris Snow looks at the Astros pitching, which is a big reason why they find themselves in the Series. Silverman goes down through the Series Matchups for the clubs. Brendan McGair looks at the Houston trainer, a New England native with a history in the game.

Steve Bulpett reports that Tony Allen will be facing charges for his role in a Chicago nightclub incident in August. Roman Modrowski in the Chicago Sun Times has more, noting that Allen will be charged with a felony. In better news, Scott Souza reports on Al Jefferson getting back out on the court at practice yesterday. Mike Fine has more on the NBA dress code. Bulpett’s notebook has more on Jefferson, while Fine’s notebook looks at Doc Rivers trying to find consistency out of his young bench.

David Scott has more on Howard Bryant’s seemingly imminent departure from the Herald. He also checks out Bill Belichick’s appearance on 890 AM with Mike Felger and has a number of other items. Bill Griffith looks at how Hurricane Wilma is impacting sports coverage this weekend, breaks down some of the latest WEEI ratings numbers, and notes that the reason the Celtics preaseason games haven’t been on the radio is because officials made the assumption that the Red Sox would still be playing at least into this week. John Howell looks at UConn football broadcasts, and looks ahead to 60 Minutes on Sunday which will feature Michael Jordan and his gambling. Michael Cox in the MetroWest Daily News has a feature on Craig Mustard, who plays the dual roles of High School Teacher and Sports Talk Radio Host.

Still not enough sports? Check out the New York Sports News and Bay Area Sports pages for more reports and commentary.

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