“Chronicle” on WCVB channel 5 this evening hosted by Anthony Everett focused on the powerhouse that is Sports Radio 850 WEEI. Here are some quotes and excerpts from the show:

Gerry Callahan on whether he gets told from listeners to stop talking politics:

I get that all the time, but its just from liberals who say stop talking politics. They don’t want me to stop talking politics, they want me to stop talking the politics they disagree with.

Callahan on callers:

“Mere props” and “They’re there to be used and abused and bent and spindled and mutilated.” (to entertain the rest of the listening audience.)

GM Julie Kahn on lessons learned from the Metco incident:

“We learned to give our talent training. And we learned also to support the staff in that they have so much original content to put out, and there is no dead air time, and oftentimes people make mistakes, and all we can do is train people to know what is in good taste and what is acceptable and what is the community standard tolerance.”

Dale Arnold on the job:

“Rule of thumb is for every hour you’re on the air, you spend an hour preparing. And it’s a lot more than that. We’ve got to watch every game, and I’m not trying to make this sound like woe is me, I like watching games, but I’m watching five games at a time. And I’m reading four sports sections before I go on the air, and I’m on the internet reading 18 others from all around the country.”

Is his job “heavy lifting”?

“My Dad worked his rear end off his whole life to make sure us five kids had shoes and clothes and food and a roof over our heads. I’m not going to pretend this is hard work, cause it isn’t. But it takes…there’s more to it than people understand.”

Glenn Ordway on he and the station being nominated for a Marconi:

“What our success and what we’ve done here in Boston is far more well known in the industry outside of Boston. But I’m not sure the fan base totally understands it, and I’m not expecting them to totally understand it as long as they listen and apparently they’re listening and they’re listening in big numbers.”

Program Director Jason Wolfe on whether ESPN Radio or anyone else can challenge them:

“In our case this past year we were number one 9 out of 10 books in our core demographic, including four in a row with our secondary demographic adults 25-54. We were named sports station of the year for the second year in a row. In our case we feel like we own the sports format, its been proven that way over the 15 years we’ve been on the air, 14 years we’ve been on the air and we think our philosophy works.”

Also featured was “Angry Bill” Paul Costine, on his style:

I’m an old time baseball guy I guess. It BOTHERS ME when a guy doesn’t run it out when he’s making 20 Mill. I mean I’d get down fast if I was making 20 Mill. Those paychecks alone. I’d be down there in THREE SECONDS.”

On manager moves he doesn’t agree with:

“Is he doing it to irritate me? I take it personal”.