Breaking News:(4:30 PM) David Scott reports that Howard Bryant could be leaving the Boston Herald to join the Washington Post as beat writer covering the Redskins.

The Patriots dug themselves into too deep of a hole in the second quarter yesterday in Denver, and while they made a spirited second-half comeback, it was in the end too much to overcome as they fell to the Broncos 28-20.

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It’s a crazy Monday here, so we’ll have to forgo the usual exhaustive links. I know this upsets some of you, who let me know your feelings via email, but until BSMW is a full time venture, occasionally there are going to be days in which it’s relegated to second place in favor of things like…my job.

Here’s some other links so you don’t feel your trip here is totally wasted. We had updates on both the Full Court Press (Celtics) and Power Play (Bruins) blogs this weekend, be sure to check them out, I think they’re coming along very nicely.

John Molori’s Media Blitz looks at Bill Romanowski’s interview on 60 Minutes last night.

Chad Finn looks at the End of the Idiots.