Scott’s Shots has a special weekend edition dealing with the monstrosity that was the FOX split-screen broadcast of the Red Sox/Yankees game yesterday.

Also included is a follow-up on the Ted Sarandis exit from WEEI, as well as word that Bill Simmons will be appearing on “The Drive” with Mike Felger this week, an appearance that could be interesting given some of the digs taken at Felger by Simmons in his book.

Was it my imagination or did most of the local media drop the ball when laying out the various potential playoff scenarios for this weekend. Now I’m sure one or two of them must have made mention of the fact that the Yankees could clinch the Division with just a single win this weekend. If someone did mention it, I’m sure I’ll hear about it via email…but at this moment, I can’t remember anyone who mentioned that.

Once again FOX showed an annoying inability to get back from commercial breaks on time for the first pitch of the next half inning. It’s been a problem for them in the past, and they show no effort to correct it.

Despite losing out on the Division, Sunday still looms as a huge day for Boston sports, with the Red Sox needing a win (or another Cleveland loss) to clinch the Wildcard spot. That plus the Patriots taking on the high powered offense of the San Diego Chargers will have the attention of sports fan all around the region…enjoy!