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The blonde hair hair dye job didn’t seem to do much for Curt Schilling on Tuesday night, but it seemed to have worked for Kevin Millar last night. Or was it the clean-shaven face? Or was the wind just blowing out? In any event, the backup first baseman/outfielder slugged two home runs last night, including the go-ahead blast in the seventh inning. Chris Snow says that the win propelled the Red Sox into September, where the stretch drive has officially begun. Jeff Horrigan acknowledges the Red Sox tendency to spot the other team a lead before charging back to win. Steven Krasner reports on Millar’s big night at the plate. David Heuschkel can’t figure the odds of Miller hitting two homers in the same game in which Doug Mirabelli also stole a base. David Borges says that in many ways, this game mirrored the one from the night before.

Michael Silverman looks at Kevin Millar’s big night, and notes how during all his struggles, Millar has never gotten down, or been a negative influence in the clubhouse. Fluto Shinzawa examines the adjustments that Kevin Millar made last night, struggling early, but making it through eight full innings. Wakefield discusses the mechanics of the knuckleball and how it comes and goes. Sean McAdam says there is still a whole lot we don’t know about this team as we sit at September 1st. Do they have an ace? Or a closer? John Tomase writes about how we all are searching for reasons to be optimistic about Curt Schilling after “yet another lousy performance”. Kevin McNamara wonders which version of Keith Foulke the Red Sox will be getting in September.

Shinzawa files a second piece on the Devil Rays and how they come into September hoping to make an impact on the AL East race. Horrigan reports on David Wells’ meeting with baseball officials yesterday. Buddy Thomas, who apparently is a White Sox fan in addition to being a Colts fan, says that the Yankees are much more likable team than the Red Sox. Perhaps the dumbest idea for a column seen around these parts in some time. Joe Haggerty says that peroxide might provide the key to Kevin Millar’s season. Bob Snow writes that September mornings are still beautiful to Sox fans this year.

Lenny Megliola issues one of the standard “thoughts” columns, though ol’ Lenny is a bit crusty at times in this one, saying he’s sure Mark Bellhorn is going to hit a big homer against the Red Sox in September, saying the bloom came quickly off the rose of Jon Papelbon and saying there is too much coverage of the Red Sox in the Globe.

Snow’s notebook reports on Wells and the issued apology from the pitcher toward Bud Selig and baseball. Heuschkel’s notebook also looks at Wells and his meeting yesterday. The ProJo notebook has more on the situation. Horrigan’s notebook looks at Keith Foulke and how the pitcher is hoping the intensity of the majors will help spur his comeback to greater success. Borges’ notebook also looks at Foulke.

The Patriots play their fourth and final preseason game tonight at Gillette against the New York Football Giants. Tom E Curran writes that tonight is the final chance for players on the bubble to make their closing arguments for being part of the roster. Jerome Solomon says that even though he is not in danger of being cut, you’ll see plenty of actions from players such as James Sanders tonight. Dan Pires observes that this is the last shot for many currently on the roster. Ian M Clark notes that it is a safe bet that you will see few if any starters tonight, as this game for those on the bubble. Michael Parente acknowledges that tonight’s game is to be an exhibition of fringe players. Michael Felger says that even though some of the Patriots could use the extra work, you won’t get too much drama tonight. Where’s Kevin Mannix when we need him to bring up the issue of consumer fraud with these preseason games?

Michael Felger’s Patriots Insider looks at the adjustments of Chad Brown and Monty Beisel to the Belichick style of defense. He also has a few other items in there, including speculation about Tedy Bruschi and what it would mean for him to land on either PUP or IR to begin the season. Alan Greenberg looks at Deion Branch, who proclaims himself the healthiest he’s been in his career, but has yet to see a snap in any of the preseason games. Albert Breer looks at jobs still up for grabs. Chris Kennedy says that the offensive line may lack big names, but they always get the job done. Adam Kurkjian looks at a stormy beginning to the career of Norwood’s Alfred Fincher down in New Orleans. Felger also has a brief bit on Bethel Johnson getting pulled off the PUP list yesterday. Solomon’s notebook reports that Doug Flutie thought about signing with the Giants before coming to the Patriots this offseason.

BSMW Game Day serves up a preview of tonight’s game, as well as some commentary on recent media articles regarding the Patriots. Eric McHugh had an interesting article yesterday, speculating on whether Bill Belichick would step down at the top of his reign in Foxboro. The evidence seems to point against such a thing happening, as the coach professes to enjoy his job and team very much. Hector Longo cranked out another ridiculous article yesterday, claiming that the Patriots lockerroom is divided because of the upcoming roster cuts and that Belichick is doing nothing to fix it. Lines such as “The chasm, cemented by Belichick, grows stronger and wider.”, “Belichick does little to fill in this crevasse.” and “Poteat ultimately was a victim of Belichick’s unwavering dedication to the kicking game” just show that either Longo is a disciple of the Ron Borges Kool Aid Cult, or that Bill Burt has ordered Longo and John Tomase to write the dumbest, most controversial things possible so that more attention can be paid to the Eagle-Tribune sports section. They are getting new owners (and bosses) after all. Poor Hank Poteat. A victim of that merciless Belichick, for sure. Maybe Hector should tell us what the coach should do about this “divide”…

Stephen Harris reports on the Bruins focusing on getting Andrew Raycroft and Nick Boynton signed without bumping up against the salary cap. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell reports on Mike Sullivan being named an assistant on the 2006 USA Olympic Hockey squad.

Steve Conroy looks at the job done by BC football coach Tom O’Brien during his tenure with the Eagles. The Globe has a college football preview going on, with plenty of articles on the local squads.

The Yankees won in Seattle behind a strong outing from Randy Johnson. The Mets failed in a chance to take the wild card lead as Pedro Martinez gave up four home runs against the Phillies. Get the stories on the New York Sports News page. Get the news from out West on the Bay Area Sports page.

NESN has Red Sox/Devil Rays at 7:00. WCVB has Patriots/Giants at 8:00. ESPN and ESPN2 trot out College football tonight.