Apparently the clarification this morning did nothing for the local sports radio talkers. Glenn Ordway was still talking about the Red Sox needing to call up Craig Hansen prior to September 1st in order for him to be eligible for the postseason. After a few minutes of discussion, Steve Buckley got closer to the truth when he said he thought that the player just had to be in the organization prior to September 1st. Ordway asked him several times if he was sure, doubting that information. Buckley promised to check it out during the next break. (A couple breaks have gone by without a mention thus far) Buckley conveyed the correct information shortly before 4:00.

Chaz Scoggins says that Curt Schilling was not the answer to the Red Sox bullpen woes. Eric Wilbur says thanks for nothing, Schill, and looks at what the bullpen might look like in September. Ken Rosenthal thinks that Theo Epstein is going to ask for Billy Beane money after this season, and could threaten to go to the Yankees if he doesn’t get it. I’m pretty sure this is all pure speculation on the part of Rosenthal, as there are no sources cited to back this up.

Eric McHugh looks at the newest member of the Patriots, receiver Andre Davis. He also runs down the 12 receivers currently in camp. Glen Farley gets reaction in the Patriots lockerroom to the death of Thomas Herrion. Tom Curran’s blog has the account of a back-and-forth between Bill Belichick and the Hartford Courant’s Alan Greenberg this morning. McHugh’s notebook has more Patriots reaction to the sudden passing of Herrion.

Kirk Minihane has started a fantasy sports column for the Lowell Sun. This is still pretty unique in New England papers. I think the New Bedford Standard Times does some fantasy stuff, but most of the bigger papers have not really latched onto this niche yet. I’m not a fantasy sports player myself, but it seems that almost everyone I know is doing it.

Bill Simmons has some thoughts on the ESPN2 Frank Deford documentary, and has his sports book recommendation of the week. has a look at how newspaper sports writing differs from the news coverage.

Some of the key findings from the study:

  • Sports stories were overwhelmingly one-sided