A number of links from the afternoon and late updating papers, as wells as some views from the blogosphere.

First of all, be sure to check out BSMW’s own Game Day Rear View. The new blog design is getting good reviews and the coverage by Scott A Benson reflects almost 40 years of observing Patriots football. Jeff Sullivan also has a number of thoughts and observations on last night’s game. Dave Doyle also weighs in while flipping between the Red Sox and Patriots.

Glen Farley says that the Patriots aren’t ready for prime time yet. Eric McHugh says that Tim Dwight was a bright light in last night’s loss. Ted Ribeiro calls it a typical preseason game. Tom King says that even though the end result was a loss, Patriots fans had to be happy to see Tom Brady on the field.

Ron Hobson looks at how Doug Flutie is defying the again process at 42. Farley says that Brady and Flutie began their nights with decidedly different results. David Pevear says that the two quarterbacks get passing grades for last night. Larry Phung looks at the night for Tim Dwight.

McHugh observes that the Saints were pretty much able to run amok on the Patriots last night. Viv Bernstein in the New York Times has a look at Romeo Crennel as he tackles the building of the Browns with an eye to acquiring another Super Bowl ring. King’s notebook looks at Wesley Mallard and has a number of items from the game last night. Phung’s notebook reminds us that it was the preseason for the coaches as well.

Jim Baker feels that the announcers in last night’s game were just a bit too Patriot-friendly.

Kevin Thomas says that Craig Hansen is drawing quite a crowd for what may be a brief stay up in Portland. Alan Greenwood says that we might be approaching an October than neither the Red Sox or Yankees will want to watch.