On second thought, maybe this passage is the one that got Gerry Callahan worked up last week. In the July issue of Boston Magazine, Howard Bryant wrote The Minority Report, a follow-up to the magazine’s May list of the 100 most influential people in Boston, which listed 99 white people and one black person. He looks at what defines power in the city of Boston, and towards the end, after noting that Michael Holley has now held two positions of power in Boston (Globe columnist- where Bryant says Holley was uninterested in being the black voice of the city, and WEEI host) fires this broadside:

Holley now works at sports radio giant WEEI, a station famous for its bombast, its influence, and its racism. Neither John Dennis nor Gerry Callahan, the morning team, can overcome their infamous “Metco gorilla” exchange or their deserved reputations as the leading racists on the airwaves. They most likely don’t care to, for their act — reassuring the angry-white-guy element (long the Herald’ s dominion) that, even in a politically correct universe, there’s still one place where everything will be all right — plays big in Boston. If it didn’t, both would have been sacked by now. They have power and they use it.

I’m guessing that bit made Callahan more than a little angry as well. Callahan’s comments about hiring “any clown off the street” to write for them may well have been aimed at his Herald colleague in title only, Howard Bryant.

The Bryant/Dennis & Callahan war has been an ugly one at times. An ironic point is that Bryant has released what appears to be thus far one of the definitive books on the steroid issue, a topic which the radio duo spent day after day for a solid month obsessing on, and yet, I don’t believe I’ve heard the book’s title mentioned on the program. I could be wrong on that point, but in my memory, I haven’t heard it.

Clearly there’s some ugliness going on between these parties.