Just a couple links before some recommendations on sports radio for the Boston fan.

Mark Farinella delivers a very good piece on Tom Brady today. He emphasizes the need for all of us not to take the Patriots QB for granted, he is not only a champion, but a class act as well. The article was triggered by yesterday’s incident with the place that Brady was supposed to be boarding that skidded off the runway. Tom King looks at Chad Brown, who wants to be ready for anything that is thrown at him this season.

Former Globe writer Dave Doyle takes a look at the Sports Journalism business in his blog.

If you were listening to Dale and Holley today and heard them talking about Jerry Crasnick’s License to Deal: A Season on the Run with a Maverick Baseball Agent and wanted to see the book, you can click on that link to go to the Amazon.com page for the publication.

John Madden is on the move again, leaving ABC to join NBC’s football coverage. This means Madden has pretty much made the rounds of the networks…CBS…Fox…ABC and now NBC.

If you’re a Boston sports fan are looking for good sports radio, here’s what I would recommend your listening schedule look like during the week:

Morning Show

Mike and Mike in the MorningESPN Radio
Host(s): Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg
Time: Weekdays 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. ET

This show is not a local show, but if you’re looking for sports news, talk and scores in the morning, this is your best option. The two Mikes get a lot of good guests, (Naturally many ESPN Personalities) talk about the events of last night and preview the day ahead. When ESPN 890 comes into the Boston area you should be able to get the station in your car close to the city, if you’re in southern NH, ESPN 900 from Nashua comes in fairly well. (Also available on XM Satellite Radio – 140 ESPN Radio)

Midday Show

Dale and HolleyWEEI
Host(s) Dale Arnold and Michael Holley
Time: Weekdays 10:00 a.m – 2:00 p.m. ET

The best of the WEEI daily lineup. These guys generally try to stay away from the political issues and frat house style antics of the shows that precede and follow them. For the most part it is serious sports talk, that attempts to get you the facts on a particular issue. They’re not afraid of the internet and will consider new ideas. It’s not the perfect show, but it’s the best on the station.

Afternoon Drive

The DiehardsWWZN
Host(s) Ryen Russillo, Anthony Pepe, John Anik
Time: Weekdays 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

I realize that this station doesn’t register in the all-important ratings book, but more and more I find myself heading over to this program on my drive home. The signal strength remains a huge problem, but where I can get the station in on the drive, I’m usually listening to it. I will listen to segments of the Big Show on WEEI, but I find myself tiring of day after day of the same topics, beaten to death. On any given day, The Diehards will be talking about the Celtics, whichever league draft is upcoming, or interviewing a guest such as Buster Olney, or one of the guys from Baseball Prospectus – both weekly guests on the show. Ryen Russillo is of course the central figure of the show, but his sidekicks know their places and do a competent job – certainly no worse than some of the co-hosts the Big Show trots out.

If you’re in an office all day, the good news is that all three of these shows have streaming audio available.