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The Red Sox got themselves back on track last night, we’ve got a few Patriots stories, Bob Ryan weighs in on Larry Brown pulling a Parcells, and John Molori has some pointed comments in this week’s Media Blitz.

Wade Miller was strong last night as he bounced back from a shaky start in Toronto last week to beat the division leading Orioles last night 5-1 at Fenway. Steven Krasner says that the rough outing in Toronto may have actually helped Miller in this start as he only threw 60 pitches in that outing and was able to throw a bullpen session this year for the first time this week. Michael Silverman says the Red Sox were able to gain a little confidence against the Orioles with the well played game last night. Chris Snow writes that it was an efficient victory for the Red Sox, despite the four stitches for Johnny Damon. David Heuschkel observes that there was plenty for the Fenway crowd “to cheer, ooh and boo” last night. David Borges notes that by the end of the game, there were a few faces in unfamiliar spaces. Lenny Megliola takes a look at the evening at Fenway and composes a short list of things Red Sox fans are still waiting to see this season.

Sean McAdam takes a look at Johnny Damon, after the centerfielder ran into the wall last night and had to leave game, receiving four stitches. Dan Shaughnessy looks at the Millar/Olerud debate, knowing that Millar is Terry Francona’s guy and he’s going to stick with him. Steve Buckley (Subscription only) writes that Millar said all the right things yesterday in addressing the situation. Tony Massarotti and Fluto Shinzawa each look at the strong performance of Wade Miller last night, which had the righthander declaring that it was the best he’s felt all year. Joe Haggerty says that Miller answered plenty of questions last night.

Shinzawa has a look back at the strong outing by John Halama on Monday, which helped save the bullpen added worked. Mike Shalin looks at Olerud using the wall already, and also has a piece on Miguel Tejada’s ironman streak.

Christopher Price looks at John Olerud starting to get his sweet swing in gear. Kevin Gray covers the Manchester Fisher Cats, and with the Portland Sea Dogs in town last night, he got a good look at the future of the Red Sox, including Jon Papelbon, Hanley Ramirez, Dustin Pedroia, and Jeremy West. Steve Buckley says that Damon is ok after the collision last night. Massarotti looks at Edgar Renteria’s outstanding week. Silverman also confirms that Millar is not whining about his reduced playing time. Alex Speier looks at the Red Sox up and down pitching. Howard Bryant (subscription only) observes that not only are the power numbers in hitting down thus far this season, but they are also down for pitchers, you’re not seeing the high 90’s all that much this season, because the pitchers haven’t needed that to get the hitters out. He also looks at baseball shooting itself in the foot by not playing afternoon games on Memorial day.

Snow’s notebook has more on Damon’s collision with the wall. Borges’ notebook looks at Kevin Millar addressing the media regarding splitting playing time with John Olerud. Heuschkel’s notebook has Damon declaring that he should be ready to play tonight. Krasner’s notebook looks at Edgar Renteria being named AL player of the week. Silverman’s notebook looks at how various members of the Red Sox are doing in the All Star balloting.

Jonathan Comey is very impressed with how the Patriots have restocked themselves this offseason and believes they should be the favorites to claim a third straight Super Bowl. Alan Greenberg has a look at Eric Mangini’s and Tebucky Jones’ fourth Football Fundamentals Mini-Camp, which will take place on Saturday. Tom E Curran has a Patriots notebook in which he looks at the significance of June 1st around the league, has Rodney Harrison address rumors that he is unhappy with his contract, and a couple other items. Mike Reiss takes a look at what NFL coaches are working on at this time of year.

Bob Ryan looks at what Larry Brown is doing by talking with the Cleveland Cavaliers about a job as their president while coaching the defending champion Pistons in a tough playoff series. Shira Springer looks at Brown addressing the rumors.

John Molori’s Media Blitz looks at “checkbook journalism” being practiced by Curt Schilling and WEEI, examines what he calls “Web wars” between certain sites in cyberspace, which he deems “just another sad example of commentators commenting about commentators.” Ironic. Isn’t that what you do, John? He also looks at the tragic passing of J.P. Villaman.

NESN has Red Sox/Orioles at 7:00. ESPN has Suns/Spurs at 9:00. ESPN2 has Angels/White Sox at 7:00 and Cubs/Dodgers at 10:00.