An interesting start to the week here. We’ve got a look back at yesterday’s Red Sox loss in Seattle, which featured the 400th home run on Manny Ramirez’s career. There’s a look back at a few articles from the weekend, as well as a couple references to WEEI passages from the two days. Also, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week, we will have the BSMW May Mini Fund Drive. More details will be forthcoming.

Even though the Red Sox went into Seattle this weekend and dropped two out of three, it was an interesting weekend nonetheless in the land of Microsoft and Starbucks. Last night, Boston lost 5-4, but Manny Ramirez hit career home run number 400. Chris Snow’s game story is centered around that milestone blast for the Red Sox slugger. Jeff Horrigan looks at Tim Wakefield struggling once again in Seattle, a place that always seems to give him problems. Sean McAdam notes that the game turned on a slow rolling dribbler by the Mariners’ catcher. Tom Yantz’s game story leads with an interested exchange between Ramirez and David Ortiz, just prior to Manny’s fifth inning, three run blast. Gordon Edes and Tony Massarotti each have articles on Manny’s Milestone, and a look at the historical achievements of the enigmatic slugger, Edes spends a lot of time speaking with Ramirez’s first big league manager, Mike Hargrove, who happened to be in the opposing dugout yesterday.

Yesterday in the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, Daniel McGinn had an extensive feature on Red Sox third base coach Dale Sveum, and what his job and life are like. Steve Buckley (Subscription only) writes that it is a good thing that the Yankees are suddenly winning again, Red Sox fans want to have them around to chase and have important games with. Massarotti reports that Trot Nixon is going to need surgery following the season for an undisclosed leg injury. Snow’s notebook looks at the success of the lineup switch that Terry Francona put into place over the weekend, flipping Ramirez and Ortiz, and batting Nixon fifth. Horrigan’s notebook looks at Manny getting his 400th home run ball back from the fan who caught it. McAdam’s notebook looks at Manny’s back and forth opinion on the milestone. Yantz’s notebook looks at Time Wakefield’s continued struggles against the Mariners.

Yesterday morning on WEEI’s Baseball show, Peter Gammons issued an apology to Michael Felger for the way he spoke to him on The Big Show last week. That’s just Gammons being Gammons.

Dan Shaughnessy has a “picked up pieces” column in the Globe today, touching on many things in the world of sports, among them: The Celtics should trade Paul Pierce, Johnny Damon’s interest in the Yankees, the fact that Keith Foulke is not an idiot and Dwayne Wade is pretty good.

The weekend football columns were about what you would expect for this time of the year. For Nick Cafardo, you have items from his usual contacts…Tom Condon, Brad Blank, Chad Eaton and Carl Poston. All that we’re missing is Tom Donohoe and Rob Konrad. There was also a curious reference to people who continue to “flee” from the personnel offices of the Patriots. He mentions three people in three years. Mass exodus, all right. From Michael Felger, we got some shots at Condon, even blaming him for the injury that sidelined first round pick Benjamin Watson “in August” (Watson actually hurt his knee and was out for the season during a midweek practice in September). He also looks at the relationship the Patriots have with Neil Cornrich, how that is viewed around the league and mentions the “grudging respect” that Belichick has for Drew Rosenhaus.

Howard Bryant (subscription only) this morning has a piece on Al Jefferson and how he believes that the Celtics big man may not quite be ready for the massive expectations that people are already placing upon him. He believes it wouldn’t be the worst thing for Jefferson and the Celtics to continue to bring him along slowly. Yesterday, Jim Donaldson tried to figure out Danny Ainge’s plan for his new “code of conduct” for his team. In one of the more uncomfortable reading sessions in my recent memory, Donaldson attempts to write in the voice of the current NBA player.

Man, I didn't read nothin' in that one year I had to waste in college before comin' to the Association, and I'm not readin' nothin' now. That's why I have an agent. That lazy son of a gun ain't done nothin' anyway to earn his percentage since I signed that $100-million sneaker deal to wear shoes kids can't afford to buy 'til they get their own endorsement contracts -- or their AAU coach or some friendly college booster slips 'em a few dollars. Why, I even let him borrow one of my six Rolls-Royces to go pick up four of my $3,000 suits at the dry cleaners and it took him two hours to run that simple errand. I was timin' him on my $20,000 Rolex. So let him read the rules and then I'll decide which ones I might sometimes decide to follow.

Unfunny and Stereotypical are the two words that spring to mind from that bit. Michael Muldoon had a better article yesterday, looking at how Danny Ainge is getting the last laugh here in Boston. Bill Burt talked with Tommy Heinsohn about the disappointing end to the season and what the future looks like for the green.

Another interesting WEEI moment from the weekend was Greg Dickerson’s somewhat veiled comments about Wyc Grousbeck making derogatory statements about WWZN while on WEEI earlier this week, making a remark about the station’s lack of ratings. Dickerson didn’t feel those comments were appropriate given the fact that the Celtics have been cashing checks from WWZN for the last few years for the radio rights.

Back to Friday’s “Get Fuzzy” cartoon, the Inside Track this morning notes:

And that Bob Lobel and WBZ are mighty miffed at a nationally syndicated comic strip that ran Friday suggesting that the longtime sportscaster was drunk on the air. "Get Fuzzy" by Darby Conley featured a sports fan, his dog and cat watching TV with the dog asking, "Is this sportscaster drunk?" and the fan replying. "Lobel? He's like some TV outreach program or something." (The Globe ran the strip but changed the word "Lobel?" to "Him?") Lobel's attorney is on the case...

NESN has Red Sox/A’s at 10:00. ESPN has Rangers/White Sox at 8:00.