I have a fairly brief edition of afternoon links, along with the expert opinion of Eddie Andelman’s doctor about Tedy Bruschi and a leftover thought from yesterday.

Links on the Red Sox season opener: Mike Fine looks at David Wells, who warns fans not to write of the whole season just yet. Rob Bradford says the champs were chumps last night. Bob Stern looks at a different outcome at Yankee Stadium this time around. Kevin Thomas looks at the Yankees and their new weapon getting the best of the Red Sox. Steve Solloway and Bradford look at how Red Sox fans could walk into Yankee Stadium with a whole new attitude last night. Amazing the effect that a World Series victory can have on millions of fans from both sides of the rivalry. Thomas’ notebook looks at where Wade Miller will make his first rehab start.

The BSMW Full Court Press has a piece on whether Paul Pierce really does behave like a captain, or if Kevin Paul Dupont needs to step in and demand that he be stripped of his captaincy. Jim Fenton and Eric McHugh look at the Celtics disappointing loss to the 76ers yesterday afternoon.

An observation on the first day of “Official” streaming on WEEI.com. It hasn’t brought more intelligent callers to the table. If anything, the calls are much worse than usual. I really didn’t think that was possible. Combine it with the Sox losing the season opener, and you’ve got a recipe for miserable radio. Just as long as I don’t hear Ordway scream, “They’ah ruinin my summah!” I think I’ll be ok. Good to have baseball back.

Eddie Andelman had Nick Cafardo join the program by phone from New York, but before talking about the Red Sox, they talked a little Patriots. Eddie said he was “was in favor of drafting David Terrell first with the Patriots” and Nick concurred with him. Who would they have drafted Terrell instead of? Seymour? Then they moved on to talking about Tedy Bruschi:

EA: Along those lines, Nick, I keep reading where people think that Tedy Bruschi is going to play again. I just wish they