Just a couple items this morning to point out. Many of you have probably already read the Globe and the Herald sports sections. Noteworthy to me was a segment in Michael Silverman’s article today looking forward to the end of spring training and ahead to the real games beginning tomorrow night. Terry Francona isn’t really looking forward to another season of dumb questions from the media. He recalls an incident that really bothered him last year:

"It's the dumb-ass stuff," the skipper griped good-naturedly yesterday. "The guy that asked me about (Curt) Schilling's side step (before Game 6 of the ALCS last October, when Francona was perplexed by persistent questions about a technique the questioner swore he saw Schilling use during an outfield throwing session). And he's in the back rolling his eyes like I'm a dumb-ass. It's hard not to get irritated. And then you just get (expletive) buried because it's that stupid. I'm sitting up there trying to answer questions and it's just stupid.''

I’m pretty sure that was a shout out to WEEI and FSN host Greg Dickerson. This isn’t the first time Francona has mentioned that incident, so it’s clear he still holds a grudge there.

Elsewhere, here’s a couple other links you might’ve missed while perusing the bigger papers. Mike Fine is excited about the Red Sox opening tomorrow night, and looks at the Randy Johnson/David Wells matchup.

Mike Reiss (who else?) has the scoop on the Patriots bringing in free agent middle linebacker Monty Beisel of the Kansas City Chiefs for a visit. Eric McHugh has an NFL notebook looking at news from around the league.

For an account of the Celtics game from last night, be sure to check out the latest BSMW Full Court Press.

David Scott is warming up in the bullpen for a weekend of blogging, be sure to check in at Scott’s Shots over the course of the next few days.

I’m experimenting with the podcasting thing. What is a podcast, you ask? Well, it’s simply an MP3 file that can be downloaded and played on any computer with speakers or MP3 player. It gets the name “podcast” from the popularity of the IPod.

I haven’t figured out what the format of the podcasts is going to be, but I’m sort of leaning towards making it a summary of the days happenings in the Boston Sports Media. It could be a weekly thing, or perhaps several times a week, or maybe only after a big event. This is clearly still in the “beta” phase, I don’t have a means of posting the podcasts and making them available for downloading as of yet. While I experiment, perhaps the best I can do is email them. However, the attachments are huge. The one I did last night was 8MB. You would need an email account that is capable of receiving attachments initially up to 10MB in size, I would guess. Note: I figured out how to turn down the bitrate on the files, so future files should be much smaller.

If you have such an email account and would like to sample the early beta phase of BSMW podcasts, send an email to BSMWpodcast-at-gmail-dot-com (Address spelled out to avoid email harvesters)

If you would like a Gmail account to be able to receive these podcasts, you can also email and I have 50 invitations I can hand out.

If I decide to continue the podcasts, eventually I hope to make them into some form of revenue stream for the site. For now, they are free, They may remain free, if I can find a way to generate income without making them a subscription. I’m new to this, so bear with me. And don’t make fun of me.

Your feedback is welcome.