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Thanks to Tony Massarotti for the on-air order yesterday to publish that Michael Holley will be named Dale Arnold’s co-host for the WEEI midday program starting on March 1st. Whether this is actually true or not, I do not know at this point, but Tony Mazz ordered Bruce Allen to publish that information on his website, so that’s what I’m doing. I did not actually hear the remark, but I’m told it had a bit of an edge to it. Afterwards, Tony made a comment along the lines that he knows that Holley will get the job. (The comment was along the lines of


Ray who?

Chris Bourque, the son of you-know-who, scored the game-winner in overtime as BU defeated Northeastern, 3-2, to win yet another Beanpot. Game stories come from the Globe’s Fluto Shinzawa and longtime Herald college hockey scribe John Connolly.

Others stories from the 53rd annual event include a look at the MVP from former Globe staffer Bob Monahan, a notebook by Shinzawa looking at RPIs and Joe Gordon looking at BC’s win in the consolation game.

There are more Beanpot stories, but like the Boston Marathon and the Regatta on the Charles or whatever it’s called, few sports fans around New England really care. The Beanpot is great to attend, like the other two, but it’s more for the atmosphere than anything else.

Moving on, Chris Snow has a look at Trot Nixon and his hopes for a healthy campaign. Nixon is among the most honest interviews in professional sports and he has some good comments here. Tony Massarotti checks in with a look at the Red Sox ownership and their goals. Over at the ProJo, Bill Reynolds has three mini-columns with the Jose Canseco fiasco leading his piece.

The region’s favorite columnist, Bill Simmons returns to ESPN with a ‘thoughts’ column. Some good laughs as usual. Let’s just hope someone pulls the plug on those cartoons sooner rather than later.

On the Patriots’ front, Michael Felger has a look at offensive line coach Jeff Davidson departing for Cleveland with Romeo.

Bill Griffith has a media column focusing on, who else, Canseco.

Finally, the Courant’s Tom Yantz has a nice look at Providence College hoops second-leading scorer Dwight Brewington, who is 60 percent deaf.

Celtics fall

The Celtics, enjoying a rare Sunday in the local sports spotlight, dropped a close one to the struggling Kings, 104-100. Game stories are provided from the Globe’s Shira Springer, the Herald’s Steve Bulpett and the ProJo’s Carolyn Thornton.

Notebooks were also filed by each of the aforementioned trio, with Springer focusing on Raef LaFrentz, Bulpett speaking with Danny Ainge about possible deals with the deadline 10 days away and Thornton having a sort of State of the Union from Doc Rivers.

And talk about drinking the kool aid. According to the Herald’s Michael Felger, Patriots Personnel Director Scott Pioli turned down Seattle’s offer of five years, $15 million and more power to remain with New England. We can only assume a raise will be forthcoming for Pioli because while loyalty’s one thing, rejecting an offer to more than triple your salary is another.

For those with a few extra bucks lying around, there’s an interesting find on eBay. Former Patriots defensive back Leonard Myers is auctioning off his Super Bowl XXXVI ring, with the bidding starting at $25,000.

The Beanpot is tonight at the Fleet, with BU taking on heavy underdog Northeastern. The Globe’s new college hockey writer, Fluto Shinzawa has a solid feature from the Northeastern angle and a notebook. The Herald’s Joe Gordon also has a preview.

And you really have to read this one. Peter King has more from Freddie Mitchell. Talk about not playing with the full deck. There’s a better chance of Whitey Bulger lining up at receiver for the Eagles next season than this guy. What is he thinking? Koy Detmer?

Finally, Bob Ryan took in Sunday’s college hoop contest between UConn and North Carolina.

Mangini Watch, Day 6

Saturday links by Rich (

After today, your Saturday correspondent is going to take few weeks off, and when I return it may be in reduced role, perhaps platooning on Saturdays with another blogger as Bruce expands the staff. Although it is a lot of fun, it is also time consuming, and my non-BSMW Saturday obligations are catching up with me.

After doing the links once a week for about six months, I find it mind-boggling that Bruce has been tirelessly doing it every weekday for almost 3 years. Not to sound like Steve DeOssie (“caller – have you ever played NFL football?!?!”), but it is harder to put one of these things together than you think (or at least than I thought before I did it), so a big tip of the keyboard to Bruce for the incredible amount of time and effort he puts into it.


Adieu, NHL

It appears the NHL season is finished before it ever started. Not sure what’s worse, that it’s the first time a major North American sport has cancelled an entire season or that no one seems to care. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell has the Globe story, while the Courant’s Bruce Berlet has a Hall of Famer saying these actions are ridiculous.

For the most part, it was a quiet Thursday for the local sports scene. There’s more on the Eric Mangini front, as a trio of teams vie for his services. Stories are filed from the usual suspects, the Globe’s Nick Cafardo, the Herald’s Michael Felger, the ProJo’s Tom Curran and the Courant’s Alan Greenberg. Curran also rehashes the bizarre he said, he said between some Eagles players, including Donovan McNabb, regarding Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The Red Sox are three weeks away from their Spring Training opener on March 3. One player who won’t be there is Bill Mueller, who’s likely to miss about a month after knee surgery. The Globe’s new beat man, Chris Snow, has the scoop. Jeff Horrigan and Dave Heuschkel have the Mueller news, too.
Horrigan also files a Sox notebook, with Theo Epstein saying no further roster moves are expected. Snow also has a piece on new Sox reliever Matt Mantei.

Meanwhile, Dan Shaughnessy hits on multiple topics, including his yearly rehash on the equipment truck leaving Fenway and some quotes from B.C. hoops coach Al Skinner on the lack of attention his program has received. Gerry Callahan (pay subscription required) writes about Jose Canseco and his soon-to-be-released book, while the Courant’s Dom Amore has more on the steroids topic at Jason Giambi’s press conference yesterday at Yankee Stadium.

Globe media guru Bill Griffith speaks with departed WEEI midway co-host Bob Neumeier in his column. BSMW’s own Dave Scott puts forth the perfect candidate to be Dale and WEEI’s midday mate: “It is I,” says Scott. “And I is it. Moses Malone said that.” Check out the not-so-mad ramblings of Scott’s Shots at:

The Dale And ???? Show

So Bob Neumeier is indeed out at WEEI after tomorrow’s show. It’s been three years already since Eddie Andelman left and Neumeier came in? The time just flies by.

I admit that I was not a big fan of the Neumeier hiring. It just seemed like another example of the “good ol’ boy” network of Boston sports media in action. That’s actually exactly what it was. A huge deal was made about replacing Andelman and the whole “search” process. Neumy was in from the start and everyone knew it. I didn’t really like Neumeier, didn’t think he brought much to the table. He started bringing a lot of statistics to the show, something that he has continued throughout his time on the show. His reliance on them was sometimes interesting, sometimes annoying.

For me, my dislike of his hiring started to fade a little over time. I think it was actually the “Voice of Bob Neumeier” on the Big Show whiner line that actually made me start to view him a little differently. Somehow that “voice” (my favorite whiner line bit, by the way – and I hope it continues.) softened my view on Bob and made him much more tolerable. I can’t explain it. I came to sort of appreciate some of his quirky humor and moments of grandiose pontificating. Of course, he still drove me nuts from time to time, but overall, I enjoy the Dale & Neumy show the most out of all the WEEI programs, as they try to stick to sports, they try to not to hammer the same subjects over and over, but instead try to look at things from different angles. That is where some of Neumy’s stats come into the equation.

So in the end, I’m going to sort of miss the big lug, but I’m excited about some of the possibilities that could be out there to replace him. Of course though, history tells us that we can rely on WEEI to bring us the lowest common denominator when it comes to a replacement.

Early speculation on a replacement has centered on Michael Holley, as I mentioned yesterday. From what I hear, Holley’s contract with FSN for I, Max will keep paying him until June. Holley would provide a much needed daily minority voice on the station. Rumor has it that he is the one they want.

Some others to consider:

Jackie MacMullan – The Globe obstacle is a big one, but she could be interested, would be a very good candidate, and would provide yet another demographic swing…bringing a female voice onto the daily schedule.

Sean McAdam – Would be a strong choice based on WEEI’s move into Rhode Island on 103.7. His areas of knowledge — baseball and hockey — would fit right in to the Providence audience. He knows his other sports pretty well in addition.

Pete Sheppard – You know the Big Show guys will be talking up Pete’s candidacy. I guess you can sat D&C will do the same for Jon Meterparel. Are either a serious candidate? No. Sheppard would get taken a little more seriously though.

Andy Gresh – He’s not bad, and would again represent an attempt to appeal to the Providence listeners. If they steal him from The Score, then I’m sure that’s a bonus to them.

Ryen Russillo – This guy has got to get a wider audience. He’s more prepared and articulate then just about any on-air media person in town and is going places. Is he going to WEEI? Not at this time, I don’t think.

Dave Jageler – Another guy lost in the signal of WWZN. But wouldn’t this be ironic. Hooking up two former Eddie Andelman broadcast partners. Ah, the war stories I’m sure they could tell…

Michael Felger – You know Felger’s interested. I don’t see him as long for the newspaper world period. He’s more of an on-air, radio TV guy. I don’t see it coming together with this show right now.

Steve Buckley – Again, if there’s a job opening, Buck will have his resume ready. He would be a “safe” hire if Jason Wolfe wants to go that way.

Michael Smith – Another minority candidate. Not sure how his duties with would affect his chances. He’s a young, talented, smart guy with a lot going for him. He might be looking past WEEI.

That’s my field. I’m guessing that one of the above names will be the in the chair across from Dale Arnold very soon. By the way…this will make three partners in four years for Dale. You know what that means don’t you? No other conclusion.

Dale’s a Diva.

Just kidding, Dale.

I’m going to be taking some time away from here for a few days. I’ve got some eager young rookies that are going to try to take on the links for Thursday and Friday of this week and Monday and Tuesday next week. Be nice to them.