Another day, another championship parade for the city of Boston. If you’re planning on going to the parade…you’re probably not reading this, but the ideal locations along the route appear to be Copley Square, Tremont (where it meets West Street), and alongside City Hall Plaza. These are locations where the duck boats will stop and Mr. Kraft, Coach Belichick and a few others will be speaking. Scott S Greenberger and Dave Wedge have more information about the Parade. There is also a parade route graphic in the Globe today.

The Patriots will have some work to do, and very soon. The first order of business is to appoint two coordinators to replace Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel. ESPN Radio was reporting yesterday that Dante Scarnecchia and Eric Mangini were the top choices for those spots. Mike Reiss takes a look at all the candidates as well as some other key dates and decisions the Patriots are facing. Michael Felger also has a look at the issues facing the Patriots as they get ready to attempt to defend back-to-back titles. Ron Borges smugly points out that when the 49ers lost both their coordinators in 1994, they never returned to the Super Bowl. Of course, that was a team already in decline and on it’s way to salary cap hell as well. None of this article is really relevant. But it’s worth saving to look back on in the future. Alan Greenberg says that Bill Belichick is still ignoring any dynasty talk, as he knows there is plenty of work ahead. Nick Cafardo says that while there are now holes on the coaching staff, player-wise the Patriots are in pretty good shape. Lenny Megliola also looks at the inevitable changes and how it doesn’t diminish the remarkable accomplishments of this team.

Kevin Mannix has his Super Bowl report card and issues all A’s and B’s as summer vacation begins for the Patriots. Scott A Benson files a final Patriots “Rear View” on the season as well. Dan Shaughnessy files a “thoughts” column wrapping up Super Bowl week, and just for good measure, ensures that’s never to early to start complaining about the next Super Bowl venue. Among the other gems in this piece: “Sorry, but Andy Reid just looks too much like Glenn Ordway.” Bill Reynolds files his trademark column made up of three small ones, looking at how far the Patriots have come, black quarterbacks and just what the Super Bowl message is these days. Bob Ryan says that this team put it all together November 7th in St. Louis…that’s when we knew this was a special team. Jim Donaldson channels Tina Turner and says that the Pats are “simply the best.”

Bob Hohler, Michael Parente and Dan Ventura file articles on Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch, who learned some tough lessons along the way to becoming an NFL star. Tom E Curran reports on the strategy that the Patriots used to keep Donovan McNabb and the Eagles grounded. Felger also reports that Troy Brown would like to return to being a full time receiver next season, and that in order to return to the Patriots at all, something will have to be done about his contract. Dan Pires says that despite now three Super Bowl wins, this just doesn’t get old for anyone involved. Jim Fennell says that the championship runs just keep getting better. Jon Couture says that it wasn’t too long ago that Boston fans were a lot more like Philly fans in terms of being championship starved.

Speaking of Philly fans, they were the focus of Dennis & Callahan this morning as the duo used that subject as a large part of their program, telling war stories and taking calls from listeners who were there about how bad the Eagles fans were. The sooner the whole Jacksonville/Philly Fan ranting schtick can be put to bed, the better.

Felger’s notebook has more on the future for members of the Patriots coaching staff. Parente’s notebook looks at how the Patriots handled the loss of Corey Dillon early in the fourth quarter. This was a major issue with the Fox broadcasting crew…we never heard a peep about Eugene Wilson’s injury, and when Kevin Faulk was in the game at the end, with the Patriots attempting to run out the clock, there was no mention out of the broadcast booth as to why Faulk, and not Dillon, was on the field at that time. Tom Curran’s notebook says that Ty Law’s future is still very much up in the air.

Media Stuff

David Scott has a bonus edition of Scott’s Shots, with praise for Michael Gee (!), a look at the future of Michael Holley and wondering if the Ken Powers incident is a isolated one among mid-major papers. Bill Griffith has a FOX wrapup of Super Bowl Sunday. John Molori’s Media Blitz has a recap of the sights and sounds of Super Bowl week.

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FSN has Celtics/Bucks at 8:00. ESPN2 will have Boston College/Notre Dame at 7:00. ESPN has Illinois/Michigan at 7:00 and Florida/Kentucky at 9:00.