A couple afternoon items of interest:

The Globe has hired a Patriots writer…it is Jerome Solomon, from the Houston Chronicle. He’s been covering college football for the Chronicle and in his last notebook for the paper, he says:

This is the last Big 12 notebook for yours truly. I'm packing my "Best of Ames" guide and "Loving Lubbock" brochure and heading to the Boston Globe to cover the New England Patriots.

Congratulations and welcome to town, Mr. Solomon. When you get a moment, drop me an email and we’ll chat about some of your new colleagues…

According to water cooler talk here at the BSMW offices, I’m hearing that Bob Neumeier is likely done at WEEI. As reported by Bill Griffith recently, Neumy’s contract runs out on the 10th, and it appears that Neumy’s work with NBC might cause him to be a bit pricey and cause scheduling conflicts for a daily show in Boston.

It seems natural that Michael Holley could make a good replacement. He is no longer under the restrictions of the Globe, and in addition Holley’s TV show I, Max was also recently canceled by FSN, (it’s ends on Feb 18th) making him conveniently available for the program. Even if Holley is a shoo-in, you can count on WEEI to make a big deal about this, as they did when Eddie Andelman left the station. Everyone pretty much knew Neumeier had the job, but the station spent a month doing on-air “auditions” and guest hosts, attempting to stir up as much speculation as possible.

It says here that Holley is the best possible choice for the anticipated opening. Time to add some diversity to the day-to-day programming of the station, but beyond that, the guy is talented, knows his stuff and can speak intelligently and passionately about Boston (and national) sports.

Oh yeah, and Walter McCarty was traded to the Suns for a conditional 2005 second round draft pick today.