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I find it hard to imagine what today would be like in Foxboro if Doug Brien had actually hit that field goal for the Jets last week. With no place to park, the stadium might not have been half full.

The Boston Globe has seemingly recovered from their November swoon with all hands on deck for this playoff run. And it has been quality (Borges


Mixing it up

You can't feed your family off of Super Bowl rings. --Lawyer Milloy, 01/20/05

The above was said on WEEI yesterday afternoon and is a sad indictment of a player whom I used to admire greatly.

There are many links today, and I’m not going to get to all of them. I’m going to mix things up a little here, and provide some of the highlights of the articles today, along with some other thoughts and commentary from the week. I’ve gotten some feedback that this site should be much more than just bringing links to every story out there to one central location, though that will always be one of the main features here. December and January have been tough months for me time wise, and I haven’t been able to spend as much time doing links as I would like. If anyone is interested in perhaps filling in occasionally for the weekends, let me know. The two guys who help me out there have expressed that it be a bit consuming on the weekends and a break would be in order. It would also help me on days that I might be away…

Ron Borges has a “colorful” article today looking at some color-coded NFL player ratings system used by a few clubs, and what that system says about the matchup of the Steelers and Patriots. This week Ron picks the Patriots to win the Globe staff picks. Question though…it says Ron’s record last week was 4-0. How can that be? He’s admitted that he didn’t make the pick of the Patriots in his name on Friday, and on Sunday, he picked the Colts. How can he be 4-0 last week?

Mike Reiss pays homage to Will McDonough, by doing something that the late Globe sportswriter used to…get some coaches or officials from around the NFL to come on the record and discuss the matchup. Alan Greenberg looks at the matchup against the “throwback” Steelers. Jim Donaldson says this matchup figures to be much different from the last meeting. Ron Hobson looks at the Bill Belichick/Bill Cowher matchup. Hector Longo attempts to dissect the Steelers. Dan Shaughnessy says Bill Belichick must be frustrated that he cannot control the elements. Tim Weisberg says that the Patriots undersized receivers have to play big on Sunday. Chris Kennedy looks at the Patriots special group of linebackers. Pete Thamel in the NY Times has a piece on Stephen Neal with details of how he got into football and specifically to the Patriots. A nice little feature the Globe has added is Inside the Huddle with Steve Nelson.

From Pittsburgh, you can find stories in the Post-Gazette and Tribune-Review.

Bench Blount?

Michael Muldoon says that it is time for Mark Blount to sit and for Kendrick Perkins and Al Jefferson to get the bulk of the playing time. Mike Fine looks at Blount hitting rock bottom. Mark Murphy has a look at Perkins, who has battled through frustration and is now getting his chance to play some more extended minutes. Paul Harber contrasts the rookie years of Al Jefferson and Delonte West. Jim Fenton looks at the awful Atlantic Division, which finds the Celtics tied for the lead at 18-20. Murphy’s notebook looks at Jefferson sitting out practice yesterday because of a sore foot.

Boston College

Yesterday alone I must’ve gotten a dozen emails on one subject alone. The theme of these emails was simple. Where. Are All. The BC. Links? (best said in Ted Sarandis voice.) 15-0 can’t be ignored any longer. Well, it can, but not by me. Of course, I’m pretty much a day late with this, as there’s only a couple links here. Michael Vega and Mike Shalin look at Jared Dudley, who had 36 points Wednesday night in helping BC stay undefeated with a win over Villanova. The sophomore forward has yet to hit the local radar really, but was the subject of an article by Andy Katz on ESPN.com this week. I’ll try to do better on BC hoops going forward and as they keep being successful. Sarandis last night said that he feels BC has a great chance to become the number three team in the area, behind the Red Sox and Patriots. They keep winning, who knows?

Another Snow Job

Damn that Chris Snow. How am I going to be able to continue to ridicule the Globe if he keeps cranking out informative pieces like the one he has today on four of Theo Epstein’s assistants, Jed Hoyer, Peter Woodfork, Galen Carr, and Brian O’Halloran.

Be sure to check out the BSMW Store…many new items just added in the last few days.


Yesterday, WEEI let it be known that the reason they trumpet their ratings successes is because none of the “media writers” will do it for them. Bill Griffith does it today, but likely not enough to their liking. I gave my opinion of the on-air “grabass” sessions that the station has been engaging in this week, sessions I found to be nauseating after a few minutes. Response was overwhelmingly positive to what I had to say, with just a couple exceptions. Two people gave the opinion that I have some sort of axe to grind against the station. Not true. I criticize the station because I know how much better it can be. I want it to be. There are already many good things about the station, and perhaps I’m guilty of not always pointing those things out. So here’s a short list of good things about WEEI:

1) D&C get some great guests, and those sessions are usually the highlight of the shows. This morning’s interview with Mike Lupica was outstanding, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

2) Peter Gammons’ appearances on the Big Show. I grew up reading Gammons Sunday Notes column each week in the Globe, and have missed them greatly. Now WEEI basically does a radio version of this feature during the baseball season.

3) Ted Nation, while Teddy is the brunt of jokes from a lot of quarters, I like that he brings on a lot of the lesser known media people in town and you get to hear their opinions. Guys like Chris Price, Paul Perillo, Del Jones, Jeff Goodman, etc.

4) Dale & Neumy usually have an interesting program, they’re not afraid to do some research and tackle subjects that might be a little deeper than the other programs will touch. They’re also usually a bit above to sophomoric high jinks common to his genre.

5) The whiner line. A guilty pleasure. Some of the stuff on there is the funniest stuff you’ll hear anywhere. Some spot-on imitations and parodies that leave me laughing.

There you go, some not-negative things about the station. The criticism will continue from this point forward. Try not to be so thin-skinned, boys. Thanks for the cheap shots this morning too. Glad to see this little internet site can get under the skin of the “highest rated sports radio station in the country”.

There’s a certain level of irony in the air when John Dennis can talk about people who don’t get their facts straight when he’s the one who read an article from TheBrushback.com on the air and thought it was real…who is the “dumbass” (term used by Dennis on the air) there, John?

Jim Baker won’t touch the WEEI numbers, and doesn’t even mention the station at all. No big surprise there. Dave Scott talks about the Globe, Chris Collins and other media items. John Howell looks at Rob Dibble and ESPN parting ways.


FSN has Celtics/Nets at 7:30. ESPN has Pacers/Heat at 8:00 and Spurs/Suns at 10:30. On NESN at 6:30, SportsPlus will have Ron Borges, Nick Cafardo, and Tim Fox previewing this Sunday’s game.

The Gloves are off…

Thursday and still no big bulletin board material or controversy surrounding the game to grab on to? It’s apparent the Steelers have learned lessons from ’01, and are saying all the right things this week. The Patriots of course, almost never give the opposition anything. Paul Kenyon picks up on this theme, noting that the Steelers are relishing their underdog role and praising the Patriots up and down. Mike Reiss says that we will hear a lot of “keys” to the game in the coming days, but it will all really come down to the fundamentals and execution. Jim Fennell of the Union Leader says that Bill Belichick has his concerns about the Steelers, but he doesn’t have to worry about his own team buying into what he has to say. Michael Felger says that stopping Jerome Bettis and the Steelers running game should be the Patriots number one target. Nick Cafardo talks to Keith Traylor, Ty Warren and others about what life in the trenches is going to be like on Sunday and what it’s going to take to stop the Steelers running attack. Alan Greenberg looks at what the Patriots offensive line will be facing from the league’s top rated defense.

Karen Guregian says that Tom Brady isn’t worried about playing in Heinz field despite a rough personal history in his two visits there. He also talks about Ben Roethlisberger and what he has accomplished this season compared to what Brady himself did in ’01. Not surprisingly, Brady gives the edge to the Steelers QB. Nick Cafardo catches up with injured cornerback Ty Law, a Pittsburgh native, who is down there at his mother’s house now after ligament surgery, but will be rooting hard for his Patriots teammates. Jonathan Comey notes that in many ways the Patriots and Steelers present mirror images of each other. Michael Parente says that the Patriots have learned from their Halloween nightmare in Pittsburgh.

Steve Buckley (subscription only) looks at the attention that Tedy Bruschi is now getting nationally, and how the Patriots linebacker is indifferent to it all, preferring to just remain another member of the team. Steve Conroy has a look at Adam Vinatieri, who isn’t concerned about having to kick outdoors in the wind and elements. Chris Kennedy looks at Josh Miller, going back to Pittsburgh this weekend. Tom E Curran notes that the signs point to Richard Seymour not playing again this weekend. Christopher Price looks at the importance of slowing the Bus. Mark Farinella looks at the troubles of former Patriot Chris Sullivan. Glen Farley looks at Bill Belichick changing gears from the Colts to the Steelers. Eric McHugh says the clock is ticking for Ben Roethlisberger. Matt Jenkins looks at former BC quarterback Brian St. Pierre, who is playing the role of Tom Brady in Steelers practice this week.

Felger’s notebook says that it is a tough call to say if Richard Seymour will play on Sunday, but the signs point against it. Cafardo’s notebook looks at the similarities between Brady in ’01 and Roethlisberger this year. Greenberg’s notebook looks at Seymour, Hines Ward and Josh Miller. Kennedy’s notebook looks at the Steelers’ zone blitz. Curran’s notebook addresses the empty bulletin boards. Comey’s notebook looks at Mike Vrabel recalling his time with the Steelers, which included a huge play against the Patriots.

Steelers Articles From Here

Tom E Curran looks at Ben Roethlisberger and the confidence his teammates have in him. George Kimball (subscription only) says that Roethlisberger’s thumb is fine and the interceptions he threw against the Jets were errors, not the result of injury. Mark Blaudschun has the Steelers saying the right things and paying their respects to the Patriots. Kevin Paul Dupont has the subject we’re all breathlessly waiting to have addressed…will Roethlisberger wear a glove, or not? Kimball’s notebook has Roethlisberger impressed by what the Patriots defense was able to do against the Colts. Blaudschun’s notebook has the Steelers acknowledging that the presence of Corey Dillon will likely make a difference in this game. Kenyon’s notebook has Steelers’ kicker Jeff Reed learning from Adam Vinatieri.

Pittsburgh Links

Ed Bouchette says Big Ben is dropping the gloves for Sunday. You know the media isn’t getting anything when a QB wearing gloves or not is a big story. Jerry DiPaola says that Roethlisberger accepts full blame for the close call that the Steelers had against the Jets. Bouchette also writes that the Steelers want to prove that their Halloween dismantling of the Patriots was no fluke. On the other hand, Chuck Finder says that the Patriots are determined not to repeat the result of that game. Joe Starkey says that Tom Brady still is on a quest to prove himself each game he plays. Starkey also looks at Bill Belichick being animated for about 45 seconds yesterday. Bob Smizik looks at the media coverage of the Steelers in Pittsburgh. Tom Barnes writes that PA Gov. Ed Rendell is hoping – if not counting on – at least one, PA team making the Super Bowl. Kevin Gorman looks at the Steelers players preparing for Belichick schemes. Bouchette’s notebook has the Steelers preparing to make in-game adjustments. Finder’s notebook looks at the Patriots success in inclement weather. Starkey’s notebook has Josh Miller recalling his time under Bill Cowher.

Celtics Gore Bulls

Peter May and Steve Bulpett report on the Celtics beating the Bulls, who hadn’t lost since the third of January, by the score of 92-83. Carolyn Thornton looks at rookie Al Jefferson putting up 17 points and grabbing 10 rebounds in the win. Marvin Pave has more on the strong outing from Jefferson. Mark Murphy has Tom Gugliotta doing just a little bit of whining about not getting playing time. He understands why he isn’t playing, but he’s not content sitting on the bench. Mike Anthony looks at Bulls rookie Ben Gordon from UConn, who is adjusting to life in the NBA.

Thornton’s notebook looks at Mark Blount putting up a double goose egg last night. 0 points 0 rebounds in 22 minutes. May’s notebook also looks at the statistically unproductive night for the 38 Million dollar center. Mark Murphy also addresses the lost night for Blount. Bulpett’s notebook has Danny Ainge correcting the media in letting them know that players getting kicked out of practice happens more than they know. This is in response to the attention being given the Ricky Davis incident from Sunday.

Patting themselves on the back

With the latest ratings numbers having been released, WEEI finished at the top. Good for them. However, the constant self-congratulatory remarks are tiresome. If a local athlete was constantly promoting themselves, the WEEI hosts would be all over them. However when it comes to themselves, they’re shameless in constantly reminding everyone of their success. While the numbers are undeniable, do you think they just might have something to do with the Red Sox winning the World Series and the continued success of the Patriots? It’s also notable that the success in this ratings period came when many of the regular hosts were off for extended periods during the holidays. Clearly, the teams and not solely the talents of the hosts are responsible for the success of WEEI. The constant pats on the backs among the staff are in poor taste. (Edit 1:50 PM – I’m told that the ratings period ended on Dec 15th, the holidays comment, other than Thanksgiving week, doesn’t really apply)

And why does Lenny Clarke get trotted out on multiple shows during the ratings celebratory periods? Do people really find him funny? How many TV shows has he been through? Good guy? No doubt. Charitable? Absolutely. Worthy of repeat appearances on a sports talk station? No way.


TNT has Rockets/Magic at 8:00 and Cavs/Kings at 10:30. ESPN has Iowa/Illinois at 7:00 and ESPN2 has Marquette/DePaul at 9:00.

The Buildup continues…

Despite being the Wednesday before the AFC Championship game, articles are surprisingly few in the papers today. I expect that to change over the next couple days, but for now, it’s the calm before the storm…in print anyway. Some of the articles below are from yesterday’s afternoon papers. Michael Felger’s Patriots Insider has legendary Steelers coach talking favorably about the current Patriots. Apparently unable as of yet to get a hold of Curt Schilling, (he promised in his mailbag he was going to pursue the Schilling as a Steelers fan angle this week) Nick Cafardo settles for another of his favorite topics, field conditions. He looks at whether Heinz field will cause problems for the Patriots or not. Alan Greenberg looks at the Patriots being installed as three point favorites despite playing on the road against the 16-1 Steelers. Chris Kennedy looks at the decided lack of trash talk between the teams thus far. Mike Reiss looks at what is likely the key to the game for the Patriots – stopping the run.

Dan Shaughnessy writes a nice piece today on the premise that the Patriots have proven themselves to be a model organization, one that even youth coaches want to emulate. Jonathan Comey looks at what many people perceive to be the edge that puts the Patriots over the top – Belichick. Michael Parente writes that Sunday will be the Patriots toughest and most physical challenge of the season. Karen Guregian says that all of a sudden the prospect of a future without Ty Law doesn’t seem all that daunting to the Patriots and their fans, thanks to the emergence of Randall Gay and Asante Samuel. Jim Donaldson looks at the impact that former UMass coach Mark Whipple has had on Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger as his position coach. Rich Thompson has a look at Rosevelt Colvin, who is happy to have a role in this playoff run, even if it is still limited due to the lingering effects of his injury. Eric McHugh says that the Patriots aren’t getting ahead of themselves this week. Hector Longo has a look at the Patriots unsung heroes coming through again. Michael Felger looks at how Jarvis Green helped to fill the void left by the absence of Richard Seymour on Sunday. Cafardo’s notebook has the 49ers calling the team for advice on building an organization – who would’ve imagined that would ever be case 15 years ago. Parente’s notebook looks at the Patriots role as favorites this weekend.

Dennis and Callahan had Mark Schlereth from ESPN on this morning to discuss his prediction that Tom Brady was going to choke against the Colts. Schlereth good naturedly ate crow and even took at couple calls from Patriots fans. However, it doesn’t really take away from the fact that his prediction was admittedly based on nothing more than feeling that the numbers had to “catch up” with Brady sooner or later. In contrast to last week’s media fascination with the “unstoppable” Colts offense, this week the trend seems to have swung too far in the opposite direction, something the media is prone to do. It seems the majority of the “experts” are now picking the Patriots, and seemingly ignoring the Steelers, all based on one game. Still no real insightful analysis to be found for the most part.

From the Steel City

Ed Bouchette looks at Jerome Bettis, who made many sacrifices to remain with the Steelers this season and get a shot at the Super Bowl which has eluded him thus far in his career. Jerry DiPaola has Merril Hoge saying that the Steelers are more physical than the Patriots and that that is something that Bill Belichick can’t scheme for. Chuck Finder looks at how the Patriot players have bought into the coaching of Belichick and his staff. Joe Starkey looks at how these are the glory days for New England sports fans. He also looks at Pittsburgh native Scott Zolak, who is enjoying his life in the Boston area. Bouchette’s notebook says the weather will be cold on Sunday. DiPaola’s notebook looks at the short Steelers’ injury report and that Bettis will likely get the start on Sunday. Finder’s Patriots notebook looks at Josh Miller’s return to the Steel City.

Celtics/Bulls Tonight

Steve Bulpett looks at how Raef LaFrentz is thrilled to have been healthy this season and able to contribute to the club. Mike Fine looks at how Doc Rivers and the Celtics have been attempting to learn from the Patriots. Shira Springer looks at the improvement in the Chicago Bulls, who have won seven in a row and hit the FleetCenter tonight. Bulpett’s notebook says Paul Pierce hasn’t seen the need to talk to Ricky Davis about the incident in practice from Sunday.

Who’s on First

Chris Snow gives some good analysis on what is probably the last major decision the Red Sox have to make this offseason – who to keep, Kevin Millar or Doug Mientkiewicz. Gordon Edes looks at Roger Clemens asking for 22 Million dollars in arbitration from the Astros. Jeff Horrigan, David Heuschkel and Snow look at Bronson Arroyo and Mark Bellhorn.

Russ Conway looks at today’s last ditch effort to save the NHL season.

FSN has Celtics/Bulls at 7:00. ESPN has Duke/Miami at 8:30 and Timberwolves/Lakers at 10:30. ESPN2 has Charlotte/Cincinnati at 7:00.

Slow Burn to Sunday

It’s Patriots/Steelers for the AFC Championship this Sunday, but there is still some looking back at Sunday to do. Kevin Mannix and Michael Parente file their report cards on the game and as you would expect are generally positive about the results. Mannix does hand out two “C’s” – to quarterback Tom Brady and his receivers. This despite the fact that 10 different receivers caught passes in the game. Mannix knocks them for not getting a lot of yards per catch. Bill Reynolds says Peyton and the Colts never quite got out of the stable on Sunday. Tom Curran looks at three key plays that changed the game on Sunday. Lenny Megliola says hey, maybe Bill Belichick isn’t so boring and dull after all. Some of us never thought he was.

Michael Felger says the AFC Championship will be different from last week in that this time, the opponent will hit back. Nick Cafardo adds that the last time these teams met, the Patriots were not only beat, they were beat up. Bob Ryan says that while Bill Belichick may not have been looking specifically forward to a rematch with the Steelers ever since October 31st, the fans, media and the players certainly have been. He praises the coach, which may get him in hot water with his bosses at the Globe. Alan Greenberg has Bill Belichick denying that he is out for revenge this Sunday. The coach claims never to have looked that far ahead. Michael Parente says there will be many challenges for the Patriots this Sunday, not the least of which will be dealing with how physical the Steelers will be. Chris Kennedy writes that Sunday will be a matchup of strength vs strength. Jon Couture asserts that the game will be a serious battle. Christopher Price also looks ahead to Patriots/Steelers. Tom Curran looks back at 15 of the top games in the Belichick/Brady era of the Patriots.

Felger’s notebook says that the Patriots are hungry for another title, has some news on Ty Law possibly being unhappy with his diagnosis, and Belichick saying that the coaches are starting out a little behind in their game planning for the Steelers. Cafardo’s notebook has a familiar theme saying that Sunday’s win no doubt solidified Romeo Crennel’s status as a hot coaching commodity. He also does the usual speculation about replacement candidates. Parente’s notebook says that it shouldn’t be any surprise that Tedy Bruschi came up front and center in Sunday’s win over the Colts. Kennedy’s notebook looks at the struggles the Steelers have had in home AFC Title games.

View From Pittsburgh

Jerry DiPaola says that Bill Belichick is eager for a second chance at the Steelers. Ed Bouchette says that his teammates expect Ben Roethlisberger to fully rebound from his shaky game against the Jets. Chuck Finder says a healthy Corey Dillon could be the difference in this rematch. Mike Prisuta says that the Steelers hope that their special teams breakdown on Santana Moss’ punt return for a TD was a one-time thing. Bouchette’s notebook says that the Steelers are accepting their underdog role. DiPaola’s notebook says that the Steelers aren’t going to urge Roethlisberger to lose the gloves he wore on Saturday. Finder’s Patriots notebook has Belichick heaping praise on the Steelers.

Ricky – don’t hate him

Peter May and Mark Murphy look at Ricky Davis who was back at practice after being tossed out on Sunday after a “colorfully worded outburst” in front of high school kids. All agree that this incident was not a big deal, and is behind them. All except for Glenn Ordway and the like. The only mention of the Celtics in weeks on the Big Show was yesterday in reference to the Davis situation and Ordway, Smerlas and company castigated Davis. They said he is what is wrong with the Celtics and how opposite from the Patriots that team is. Ordway couldn’t be more wrong about this situation. He used to be in touch with the NBA, but no longer. If he had watched more than a couple minutes of each Celtics game this season he would see that Davis has emerged as arguably the heart and soul of the Celtics. He’s come off the bench without complaint, played hard every minute he’s out there, worked on defense, and done everything they’ve asked him to do. However, Glenn and many other middle aged white men look at Davis and see the cornrows and tattoos and recall a missed dunk from earlier in the season and base their whole opinion on that. Similarly Glenn looks at Paul Pierce and Mark Blount and their clean cut appearance and pronounces them the “good guys” when in reality, they are the ones that have been loafing on the court, being benched for doing so and openly whining and complaining about the coaching staff. May’s notebook says that even at two games under .500 the Celtics could do no worse than pull even for the Atlantic Division lead with the win against the Bulls tomorrow night.

Jeff Horrigan reports on the arbitration situations for Bronson Arroyo and Mark Bellhorn. Joe Sullivan of the Union Leader gives thumbs down to books by Jerry Remy and Joe Castiglione.

John Molori has praise for Dale & Neumy and knocks Boomer Esiason in this week’s edition of Media Blitz. Bill Griffith knocks CBS for coming back late from commercial and missing the Tom Brady TD that sealed the game for the Patriots.

NESN has game two of the 1986 World Series at 7:00. ESPN has Purdue/Michigan State at 7:00 and Mississippi State/Alabama at 9:00. ESPN2 has Wake Forest/Florida State at 7:00.

Squib Kicks

An MLK Day edition of BSMW. I took the opportunity to get some sleep this morning. A bit of a changeup today, as I’m sure most of you have read the stories by now. If not, click on the “Newspaper Sports Sections” link to the left and you can browse all the local papers and read their take on things.

Don’t forget to check out the BSMW Rear View column by Scott A Benson.

Interns running the asylum?

Last night I mentioned the incident where Borges was shown picking the Patriots in the Globe on Friday and the Colts Sunday and saying on the air that he didn’t make the pick that was in his name on Friday. In regards to those NFL picks made by the Globe writers, a former Globe employee emailed me to tell me how the process actually works.

Anyway, the picks are due by Thursday morning, they put together those football pages first thing that night because there's no deadline stories. If the picks are not in, a copy editor will make them. For years, Will McDonough's picks were made by a copy editor. I don't want to say his name because he's a good guy, but it always bothered me because people base their bets on these picks and McDonough was so well-respected football-wise. Borges and Cafardo sent them in sometimes, but forget many others, especially Borges. Sometimes, Joe Sullivan would make Borges' picks, sometimes a copy editor would and a few times, even a co-op or intern would. It's sad really because people take their picks seriously. Borges once said in the office that he barely looks at anything when he does make the picks.

So Borges wasn't lying when he said he didn't pick the Pats. I agree with you, though, that it's unethical that the Globe allows that. Especially the same paper that started World War 3 over the Boston City League reporting incorrect scores five or six years ago to keep from embarrassing losing teams. (example, Dorchester loses to English, 99-24 in hoops and they report the score, 66-40, or something.)

Kind of two-sided.

That’s pretty interesting, no? Yes, it’s a minor thing, the picking of sporting events…but where else are they doing things like this? Do they do it in the news section? Movie reviews? Is this just the tip of the iceberg?

Pathetic Prognosticators, take II

It seems that some have taken the comments that I made last night and tried to spin them that I’m mad at anyone who would dare pick against my beloved Patriots…thus trying to make me into just another Yahoo fan…

Let me state this clearly. I have no problems with people who pick against the home team. In fact, I think this Sunday’s game will present many problems for the Patriots and expect many Steelers predictions. My problem is with the so-called experts who get paid big bucks to make picks and who instead of giving any kind of thoughtful, reasoned out analysis, instead try to be outrageous, bring attention to themselves, go with the crowd, or bring mindless statements to the table. (“Peyton Manning is unstoppable.” or “This is Peyton’s year.”) These are the people that are worthy of contempt. Especially during the playoffs when there are no longer 32 teams to cover, but instead 12, 8, 4, or 2. They can spend more time on each time and come up with better analysis. But they don’t.

FOX lowers the bar again

Reader Steve from Maine has the following to say about Joe Buck and the FOX network’s treatment of Randy Moss:

Let me start out by saying that from what I