BSMW was down for a number of hours yesterday, the site is actually hosted in a datacenter in McLean, VA, and the fiber optic lines that connect the data center to the Internet were damaged somehow, MCI is the owner of the fiber and they lost multiple OC-48s and OC-12s in the Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. area. They noted that is has been 7 years since something like this happened, and clients have been assured by the datacenter’s CEO that steps will be taken to add further redundancy to protect us from such an event occurring again.

Outage or no, the BSMW Fall Fund Drive had a very nice day yesterday, we’re now less than $400 away from the goal amount. Lets go over the top today and finish this thing off strong. I appreciate greatly all that has come in thus far, and glad to see several media members heeding my advice and sending a few shekels in. Thanks.

On another note, if this front page is ever down, you can usually still get to the message board as it is hosted on a different server. You can bookmark to get to the board.

The Celtics simply ran out of gas in Washington DC last night, falling 110-105 in OT to the Wizards. Shira Springer and Steve Bulpett file the game stories from the MCI Center. Springer’s notebook looks at the Celtics once again getting beaten on the boards in a loss. Bulpett’s notebook looks at an unexpected windfall for Ricky Davis.

After Pedro Martinez met with the Yankees on Tuesday, The Red Sox stepped in with a meeting of their own with Martinez. Jeff Horrigan and Bob Hohler look at the state of the Pedro negotiations, with Hohler seemingly a little bit more pessimistic about the state of things. Horrigan though, files a further analysis column, examining why losing Pedro might actually be a good thing for the Red Sox going forward. Lenny Megliola agrees that the Red Sox can afford to lose Pedro – even to the Yankees. Steve Buckley (subscription only) writes that Pedro and the Yankees are just not a good match. With the holidays coming up, Buckley says that idea is like George Bailey going to work from Mr Potter. (Remember Bailey did go meet with Potter…) Jackie MacMullan ponders the idea that our beloved band of idiots will soon be history. David Heuschkel says that Curt Schilling and Carl Pavano go way back…and that for Pavano, working with Schilling could be a childhood dream come true. Ron Chimelis says that the Sox need to sign Orlando Cabrera. Horrigan’s notebook looks at Theo Epstein hurrying back from his Florida meeting with Pedro to meet with Carl Pavano today. Hohler’s notebook looks at the Red Sox catching options with or without Varitek in the plans.

As expected most stories out of Foxboro from yesterday center around Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel. With the long week, the media was granted access to the coordinators. After being smacked around a little by the Herald yesterday, Nick Cafardo finds an NFL executive to agree with him on the perceived importance of coordinators getting media time to “develop positive relationships that could help him get hired.” Ray Anderson of the Falcons is Nick’s source, and he is a former agent, which explains his easy accessibility. Unfortunately for the readers of the Globe, the article spends way too much time on this angle, and not on what Weis and Crennel actually have to say. Jim Donaldson puts forth the idea that Belichick doesn’t allow Weis and Crennel to speak to the media because they’re more articulate and entertaining than he is. Somehow I don’t think Belichick is that insecure.

In contrast to the Globe, The Herald has an article on each of the coordinators. (and one one another coach on the staff.) First there is a piece on Romeo Crennel and his responsibilities in the Patriots defense. Felger’s notebook focuses mostly on Weis, his use of Corey Dillon and how he would not be opposed to returning to the Patriots should he not get a head coaching job elsewhere. Mike Reiss compares each of the coordinators and tries to determine which one will end up a head coach first. Christopher Price also has a look at the two coaches. Michael Parente’s notebook focuses mostly on Crennel. Chris Kennedy also writes about the future of Weis and Crennel.

Alan Greenberg and Chris Kennedy each put in articles on Corey Dillon and his impact on the Patriots. Buddy Thomas writes about the end of the career of Drew Bledsoe. Michael Felger looks at another member of the Patriots coaching staff, 33 year old Eric Mangini, he talks to him mostly about using Troy Brown on defense, which has been a personal project for Mangini. It’s my opinion that someday Mangini will be the coach of the Patriots, perhaps when the day finally comes that Bill Belichick has had enough of coaching…a day we hope is still a long ways off.

TNT has Spurs/Sixers at 7:00 and Knicks/Rockets at 9:30. ESPN has college football with Maryland/Virginia Tech at 7:30.