Just a few afternoon links today.

Eric McHugh has more on yesterday’s press availability of Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis. Glen Farley has an article on Stephen Neal. Nick Cafardo has his weekly “Ask Nick” mailbag, and as usual, there are plenty of nuggets to pick apart from this batch. The questions selected are entertaining and compelling, such as the fan who forgot Rosevelt Colvin was on the team wonders why he isn’t having a big affect on the team…guess he forgot about the hip injury too. (Can anyone tell me the difference between what Romeo said about Colvin and what Belichick has said?) Then the burning question of why the back of Troy Brown’s jersey read “T Brown” on Sunday night, a question Nick confesses he tried to get answered after the game. An unhealthy number of Drew Bledsoe questions are of course, expected, and then a question about the relationship between Bill Belichick and Al Groh. Nick answers:

I think Groh is more loyal to Parcells, and I only say that based on my conversations with the late Will McDonough who was very close to Al and Bill Parcells. Al and Belichick were together for a long time as well, but I don't think Belichick would be in that fraternity any more based on the problems that occurred while he was with the Jets. I got to know Al when he was here with Parcells, and he's a great guy, someone who's very approachable, and indeed a fine football coach. I'm happy for his success at Virginia.

A couple of issues with this. First, he’s still basing his answer on conversations with Will McDonough? Nick, Will didn’t just pass away last week. It’s been almost two years. Second, Al Groh visited the Patriots earlier this season and even spoke to the team informally after a practice. Once again, it appears that Nick has no idea what he is talking about here. What’s the “fraternity”? There are more “Parcells guys” here in New England than there are in Dallas. There are plenty of other entertaining tidbits in this edition of the mailbag as well.

Pete Caldera and Bob Klapisch say that the Yankees meeting with Pedro was simply a ploy to put the pressure on the Diamondbacks to make a trade with them for Randy Johnson.

Eric Wilbur dips into the ABC Monday Night Football opener. A topic beaten to death on the WEEI airwaves the last few days. Christopher Young looks at glory days for Boston fans.

Patriots WR Troy Brown and LB Willie McGinest will appear on