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With the Patriots in a bit of an extended week, not playing until Monday, the Red Sox get top billing mid-week. A report from Boston Dirt Dogs (and if you’re a media outlet, you’d better credit him…or else. But I won’t mention the “Mark Bellhorn signs for 3 years” story) yesterday had Pedro Martinez meeting with George Steinbrenner in Tampa. Jeff Horrigan and Bob Hohler report on the meeting from the Red Sox perspective. Horrigan suggests at the end of his article that a Pedro departure wouldn’t lead to much mourning on Yawkey Way. Dom Amore covers the meeting from the Yankee side, noting that this meeting likely means that “The Boss flat-out wants him. The circumstances were similar a year ago, when Steinbrenner insisted on signing Gary Sheffield.” The thing about this situation is that with this new world we’ve entered in the last month, Pedro (or any player, really) can’t go to the Yankees with the excuse that he wants to win. He would strictly be chasing the money in this instance. Kevin Gray also has a report on the meeting between the Yankees and Pedro.

Michael O’Connor caught up with Jason Varitek at a charity event last night, and the free agent catcher again insisted his priority is to stay with the Red Sox. There is also an article from the ProJo with no byline that has more from Varitek. Chaz Scoggins advocates the Sox getting Varitek signed. Meanwhile, the Sox are making plans in case Varitek does depart. Tony Massarotti reports on the Red Sox making a two year offer to catcher Damian Miller. The Herald continues to crush the Globe in baseball coverage (2 articles by the Globe today, 7 for the Herald) as Michael Silverman has an article looking at the free agent relievers on the market. He also looks at what the Red Sox might do to rebuild their bullpen.

Jeff Horrigan, Bob Hohler and Jack O’Connell look at Vladimir Guerrero winning the AL MVP yesterday. Tony Massarotti writes that he wanted to vote for Manny, but just couldn’t justify it, he’s more outraged that Gary Sheffield finished second, with Manny finishing third, Tony did a little research about the voting, and came up with the following:

Of the five writers who placed Sheffield first, one (Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record) was from the New York area (what a shock) and two (Scott Carter of the Tampa Tribune and Marc Topkin of the St. Petersburg Times) were from St. Petersburg and/or Tampa, where Sheffield was born and lives.

He goes on to note that neither Manny nor David Ortiz got a first place vote from the Boston area.

Meanwhile, another local sports media personality went on a cry for attention spree last night. Bob Halloran was a guest on Ted Nation on WEEI, and proceeded to take a Borges-like stand regarding the Red Sox. He said if Tony Clark’s double doesn’t go into the stands, the Red Sox lose, and we’d all be here killing the organization for letting Pedro, Varitek, Cabrera, etc go without getting anything in return. He said that Theo Epstein has batted .200 in his player moves, he has not been good at all. He said signing Schilling and Foulke were “no-brainers” (even though Schilling was a trade) and listed as examples of failure Theo’s attempts to sign Jose Contreras and trade for A-Rod, as well as putting Manny on waivers. These things should be counted as failures because Theo “wanted to do all those things” and they “would’ve turned out bad”. Interestingly, Halloran has a book out about the 2003 Red Sox “Destiny Derailed”. Coincidence? I think not. Sounds like someone is angling for a “Big Show” appearance. This was after his article yesterday saying Bledsoe is a HOF candidate. Of course, Halloran is a Bledsoe fan from way back. Check out a couple of articles from his days at ESPN.com Page2. It’s the story of a man named Bledsoe, and “Pats win for Brady, in spite of me.” and of course, “Exactly how I Drew it up.” Interesting reading.

Nick Cafardo must be very excited. Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis, the “muted underlings” of Bill Belichick are going to be allowed to speak to the media today! Michael Felger beats Cafardo to the punch, filing an article that Nick likely wanted to write for tomorrow, looking at the head coaching potential of each of them. Felger also takes a shot, seemingly aimed directly at Cafardo with the section titled “Talking Heads”:

Can we please get over the popular, but inaccurate, notion that Belichick's policy restricting the media availability of his assistants hurts their chances of landing jobs elsewhere? It's preposterous.

He makes a few salient points and concludes with:

Remember, the no-access policy was brought into fashion by Parcells, and his assistants have never hurt for work. Tom Coughlin. Al Groh. Chris Palmer. Belichick. Crennel. Weis. What matters is competence, not face time.

Meanwhile Cafardo today looks at a couple practice squad moves by the team last night. Dan Pires looks at how the Patriots have been brainwashed into believing that no team…or circumstance is insurmountable, including themselves. Michael Parente looks ahead to the Patriots preparation for the Kansas City Chiefs. Glen Farley examines at the fall of the Chiefs. Michael Gee (subscription only) looks at all that Adam Vinatieri does for the Patriots, which goes well beyond simply kicking field goals. Kevin Provencher looks at a couple of Patriots heading up to NH to meet with fans. Chris Kennedy says that Robert Kraft and John Henry have become close. David Pevear says the Patriots are ready for the playoffs. Eric McHugh looks at the job done by Corey Dillon and his blockers.

Steve Bulpett looks at the new, low key Ricky Davis. I have to say that I have been impressed with the play of Davis thus far. He’s stayed within the offense and game plan, and has been a willing defender, even taking a long turn on Allen Iverson in the season opener. Check out today’s edition of the Full Court Press to get an extensive breakdown of each of the Celtics rookies and second year players. Mike Fine looks at how the relationship between the Celtics and Gary Payton is working out nicely so far. Christopher Price says the Celtics have an opportunity in front of them to get noticed again. Bulpett’s notebook says that Delonte West isn’t quite ready to be activated yet. He also has an account of an impressive dunk by Al Jefferson in practice.

Bob Ryan has a “thoughts” style column, touching on just about all areas of Boston and national sports.

Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the slow, painful death of the 2004-05 NHL season.

Just have to say, the Globe sports section today was WEAK. Two baseball articles, a tiny Patriots notebook, a Bob Ryan column, a Kevin Paul Dupont Hockey column during a lockout, and no Celtics articles.

FSN has Celtics/Wizards at 7:00. ESPN has Heat/Bucks at 9:00.