This afternoon’s post will try to bring something a little different, a look at a number of items piling up in my in-box that I’ve wanted to mention on here, but haven’t found the right space for yet.

Before I mention the other items, amidst all the other excitement of yesterday, a big event happened down in Foxboro. The fourth wall came tumbling down. Scott A Benson reports from Gillette on the Patriots win over the Jets as well as meeting some fellow BSMW members.

A medical blog is asking just what caused the death of Victoria Snelgrove during the aftermatch of the Red Sox win over the Yankees in the ALCS. He claims that the reported facts just don’t match up, and tries to do an online CSI style investigation.

The Herald has been experimenting with Weblogs lately, (I didn’t get a call though.) and one of the best of the bunch is Mike Reiss’ blog, in which he gives a lot of Patriots tidbits and behind the scenes information. Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders has a piece on Page2 in which he issues NFL QB rankings…with a twist, he associates each QB with a player from the Red Sox/Cardinals World Series. Cold Hard Football Facts is another football based website that is coming on strong.

Edward Cossette has been one of the most dedicated and long suffering Red Sox bloggers. His “Bambino’s Curse” blog appears each day on the FSN website, and I’ll eager to see what he has to say over the next week. The name of his blog is tongue in cheek, he is no cursemonger…. Cursed and First is another Boston area blog worth checking out. Right now the focus is on the Sox, but the site also devotes a lot of type to the Pats. The Soxaholix may not be the most family-friendly website, but he captures many of the feelings of Red Sox nation dead-on time after time. Buckner was framed is another entertaining take on the life of the Red Sox. Dan Lewis made a pretty cool Mosaic out of photos from the ALCS. The old staple, Sons of Sam Horn has a very poignant thread entitled “Win it for…“. It takes up many, many pages, but you need to at least read the first entry.

Former Sox 2B Todd Walker did a chat on today. He’s not bitter or anything.

For hoops fans, is easy on the eyes, and comprehensive in bringing you news and commentary regarding the 16 time NBA champions. For BSMW, I’m looking at having a rotation of members do a weekly or bi-weekly “Rear View” on the Celtics, similar to what we have for the Patriots.

Every day, MP Connelly cranks out a top ten thoughts on (mostly Boston) sports from the events of the day/night before.

I’d like do something like this a little more often, so if you see something worth sharing, pass it along, and I’ll compile them up and try to put something together periodically.