Another Walk Off Victory

Keith Foulke might’ve given up another ninth inning home run, but it just gave the Red Sox another chance to pull out a last at bat victory, which they did on Orlando Cabrera’s bottom of the 12th home run. Bob Hohler looks at another crazy finish over the Orioles. Jeff Horrigan has a look at Cabrera’s heroics and the Sox eighth straight one-run victory. Steven Krasner looks at a long day for the Red Sox shortstop who flew from Columbia in the overnight. Paul Doyle has more on Cabrera. David Borges says it’s just another day, another hero for the Red Sox. Ron Chimelis says that these Red Sox just don’t have quit in them. Gordon Edes looks at another rough outing for Keith Foulke in giving up the game tying home run in the ninth.

Michael Silverman and Paul Harber have more on Cabrera, who certainly experienced a whirlwind 24 hours. Chris De Luca of the Chicago Sun Times suggests that the Cubs should pursue Cabrera in the offseason, rather than trying to re-sign Nomar. Kevin McNamara and Mark Murphy look at David Ortiz hitting his 40th home run last night. Karen Guregian talks with Pedro Martinez, who isn’t concerned whether he starts game one or two of a playoff series. However, he wonders who in the organization will have the “stones” to tell him he’s not going in the first game. There are couple hints in there that Pedro is a little grumpy about his contract situation.

Steve Buckley (subscription only) takes a look at Mark Bellhorn setting the Red Sox single season record (and major league record for switch hitters) for strikeouts. He uses the old clich


09.22.04 Afternoon

There is still a buzz in the air from last night’s Red Sox victory. Mike Fine looks at the ninth inning dramatics and the outing from Curt Schilling. One small correction for Fine…Youkilis didn’t pinch hit for Trot Nixon, he hit for Doug Mientkiewicz. Yeah, I know, picky, picky. Win Bates looks at the Red Sox getting a much needed win. Eric Wilbur asserts that last night’s outing should have secured the Cy Young award for Schilling. Wilbur also says “Arroyo couldn

Saved by the Bell(horn)

“The Red Sox got win number 90 on the season, thanks to some ninth inning heroics from Mark Bellhorn, to beat the Orioles 3-2. Bellhorn picked up Keith Foulke who would’ve been on the hook after giving up a 1-0 lead in the top of the ninth. That set the stage for some bottom of the ninth magic for the Sox. Michael Silverman has the action from Fenway. Sean McAdam looks at the heroics of Bellhorn. David Heuschkel notes that Curt Schilling was absolutely dominant last night, going eight shutout innings with 14 strikeouts. Garry Brown says the Red Sox took a haymaker in the top of the ninth, but refused to go down. David Borges looks at the Red Sox finally extracting some revenge against their 2004 nemesis, the Orioles. Peter May says it was clutch efforts from both Schilling and Bellhorn last night that got the Red Sox the win. Lenny Megliola also looks at Bellhorn rescuing the Sox. Finally, Joe Haggerty also has a look at the action from Fenway.

Bob Ryan looks at Curt Schilling, and says the Red Sox got everything they paid for in this guy and more. He asserts at the end that last night was the “opening night of Curt Schilling’s personal second season.” Despite leading the majors, and on the verge of breaking the Red Sox single season record for strikeouts, Mark Bellhorn came through against a strikeout pitcher last night. Mark Murphy looks at the hit and the season for the Red Sox second baseman. Alex Speier and Karen Guregian have articles on Bronson Arroyo, who has come a long way since first joining the Red Sox organization and has established himself as a legit Major League starting pitcher, with potential for even greater things. Steve Bailey in the Globe looks at efforts by the Red Sox to crack down on scalping, especially as the Yankees come to town this weekend. Murphy also has the story of Wade Boggs and the Red Sox mending fences, as Boggs will be inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame.

Steve Buckley (subscription only) has a look at Curt Schilling’s outing last night. He didn’t get the win, but he showed how vital he is to the team. Buckley takes a little jab at Pedro Martinez’s line from the other day when Pedro said of himself that he was just a guy “doing his job”, he says Schilling has done more than that. Buckley does give Pedro his props as far as all time status, but says for this year, Schilling is clearly the guy. Jim Donaldson has a thoughts style column today and he too uses it as a forum to take a jab at Pedro. Lenny Megliola in his column linked above also made a jibe at Pedro, saying Schilling is “really the ace”. This is something I just don’t get. The media says the fans do this, but they’re even more guilty. It is impossible for them to praise one guy without putting down the other. They have to pick a guy and elevate him and in showing how good he is, instead of letting his accomplishments and on the field play speak for themselves, they have to put the other guy down. Apparently there is no room to share glory or status. Has to be one guy and one guy only. I, for one am glad to have both Schilling and Pedro on the Red Sox, and I don’t really care who starts game one of any series, as long as the team is there.

Howard Bryant (subscription only) is 50/50 Baseball and Hockey today. He says the stretch drive is money time for some members of the Red Sox. He says the Orioles could be interested in Derek Lowe for next season and that Anaheim could take a run at Pedro in the offseason. He compares the NHL labor situation to the disastrous 1994 baseball work stoppage. He ends his column with a suggestion that baseball think about having the second base umpire call the balls and strikes. He says that way, the umpire has the same view as seen on television and that most of the players see as well.

Silverman’s notebook looks at Keith Foulke being saved last night. The rest of the notebooks deal with the activation of Byung-Hyun Kim. Silverman’s notebook says Kim wouldn’t be eligible for the postseason, but Brown’s notebook says he would be. It’s probably an unlikely scenario in any event. McAdam’s notebook says a heartfelt apology from Kim last week convinced even his harshest doubters to give him another chance. May’s notebook says it’s uncertain what Kim’s role will be. Heuschkel’s notebook says Kim’s side sessions showed his stuff to be the best it’s been all year. Borges’ notebook also has a look at Kim’s activation.

Michael Parente, Chris Kennedy and Nick Cafardo each look at second year safety Eugene Wilson. Michael Felger’s Patriots Insider looks at the Patriots one game at a time approach, has Don Shula praising the Pats, some trickery by Mike Vrabel, and Dennis Green showing (a lack of) humility. George Kimball (subscription only) has more curious remarks from Green, who made comments to the effect that Vrabel probably thinks he played the worst game of his career Sunday because he had about 10 shots at the QB and didn’t get there. Vrabel doesn’t understand why he’s singled out by Green, but takes the high road and gives him the benefit of the doubt. Jonathan Comey says the Dolphins look really bad, and has power rankings for the rest of the NFL. Kimball’s notebook has updates on Adrian Klemm and Rosevelt Colvin. Cafardo’s notebook deals with…Drew Bledsoe. Big surprise. He gets Ted Johnson to say that Drew is not done.

Ken Davis has a look around the Basketball Hall of Fame and notes that Wilt Chamberlain would’ve approved of what he saw there. Ron Borges has midweek boxing notes.

Greg Gatlin looks at NESN taking the plunge into reality TV.

NESN has Red Sox/Orioles at 7:00. (ESPN Nationally) ESPN2 has Cubs/Pirates at 7:00 and Astros/Giants at 10:00. CN8’s Sports Pulse will have Shira Springer on to talk Celtics at 10:00. “Dirt Dog” Steve Silva will also be a guest on the program. Sports Plus on NESN at 11:00 will have Bob Ryan and Nick Cafardo looking ahead the Yankee invasion of the Fenway over the weekend.

09.21.04 Afternoon

A few items of interest for the afternoon. Eric McHugh says that one of the keys to the Patriots success is always looking for what they’ve done wrong and how they can get better. Tom King says that because of the attitude, the glass is always half-empty for anyone associated with the team. David Pevear says that from top to bottom the team isn’t going to talk about their winning streak. They’re still strictly one game at a time. Glen Farley looks at the firestorm over the comments by Bill Belichick regarding Bill Parcells in Patriot Reign. McHugh’s notebook also covers this topic and some other items from the book.

While it’s interesting to read Belichick’s thoughts on Parcells making the phone calls, it’s not like this is new information. Holley had written an article for the Globe last fall that revealed the phone calls that week. The national media must not have seen that original article, because this story has become a hot topic everywhere and treated as a new revelation.

Red Sox…do we have to talk about them? Eric Wilbur is doom and gloom. Mike Fine says there is nagging worry that this team is sliding back to the club that played .500 ball for nearly three months. Win Bates and Alan Greenwood look at the Sox dropping yet another game to the Orioles last night. Chaz Scoggins also recaps the loss. The playoff roster is among the topics tackled by Gordon Edes in his weekly mailbag. Edes also had an online chat today as well. The Red Sox Report Card has low grades for the club this past week.

For the Birds

Just what IS it with Orioles that has granted them mastery over the Red Sox? Whatever it is, it continued last night with a 9-6 Baltimore win at Fenway. Mostly the “B” team on Red Sox coverage today, as the regulars recover from a weekend in the Bronx. Michael Silverman says that if you’re starting to panic, you’ve got plenty of company. Steven Krasner looks at the O’s continued dominance over the Sox. David Heuschkel notes Tim Wakefield was hearing the boos last night and has no answers for his recent struggles. Garry Brown asserts that the Orioles are the sole reason the Red Sox trail the Yankees in the division. Peter May, trying his hand at baseball for the Globe, says the Red Sox lost a chance to regain a game on the Yankees. Paul Teves looks at suspect starting pitching once again getting the Red Sox into an early deficit. Joe Haggerty also has a look at the struggles of Wakefield.

John Powers looks at the troublesome Orioles and the situation the Red Sox find themselves in the standings. Rich Thompson looks at Melvin Mora giving the Orioles a spark on the way to their victory last night. Steve Buckley (subscription only) tells us that Sox fans should give up the notion of winning the division, and instead start to get worried and be afraid of the Minnesota Twins. Jeff Sullivan has a number of mostly baseball related thoughts, including some bitter parting words from Brian Daubach who thought he would get more of a chance here. John Tomase thinks the Red Sox will get things straightened out. Joe McDonald looks at Wakefield’s start suddenly unraveling on him last night. Howard Bryant (subscription only) also looks at the struggles of Wakefield, and says the Red Sox will have a tough choice to make when it comes to the postseason rotation on Wakefield. Bill Reynolds says the Pedro Martinez needs to step it up in the coming weeks and seal his legacy and be the stopper for the Red Sox. Thompson has a piece on Johnny Damon and the work he puts into his defense. Buckley has a brief note on the son of Carl Yastrzemski passing away at the age of 44.

The notebooks look at Orlando Cabrera taking some leave to be with his wife, who is having surgery. May’s notebook also looks at Melvin Mora’s eventful evening. Silverman’s notebook looks at David Ortiz continuing to pile up the extra base hits. Krasner’s notebook has the Sox holding off on any further rosters moves, at least for yesterday. Heuschkel’s notebook has Ellis Burks itching to get activated and chance to play. Brown’s notebook has information on the drawing for playoff tickets. Teves’ notebook has more on the Orioles’ dominance of the Red Sox.

Kevin Mannix’s Patriots report card this week is pretty positive. The lowest grade goes to QB Tom Brady, who Mannix grades out at a C+. Ron Borges is rounding into midseason form. He does manage to contradict himself in the same paragraph quite nicely:

The fact is, this Patriots team is only marginally better than the majority of its opponents. They win because of their execution, their inventiveness, and their unwavering belief in each other. Talent doesn't hurt, either, although there is not much to pick from between them and some of the other elite teams. Talent unrecognized does not mean it's absent. It only means they are a team that, with one or two exceptions, is seldom given credit for its abilities.

Interesting words there. It’s a fact that this team is only marginally better than the majority of the teams they face. Then a sentence later he’s talking about the talent of the team and that it is seldom given credit. Which is it? The rest of the column is spent telling New England football fans that you don’t know football. The coaches aren’t winning these games, it’s the players. Of course after ripping each draft under Belichick, and calling Brady a “system quarterback” you’d think they didn’t have any talent, either. Good stuff. Ron needs a hug, clearly.

Yet another example of horrific headline writing is in the Herald. Karen Guregian’s piece today is titled: Belichick fillets Tuna: Powerful coach can rip Parcells. Grabs your attention, doesn’t it? Yet the article is regarding quotes from two years ago that were included in the new Michael Holley book, Patriot Reign. There’s nothing new there. Belichick doesn’t exactly “rip” and “fillet” Parcells, either, just confirming the phone records from the week of the New England/Green Bay Superbowl. Tom Curran looks at some of the little things that the Patriots do to get an edge. Alan Greenberg looks at what the Patriots will have to work on during the bye week. We’ve heard a lot about the rotation of the offensive line. Mike Reiss does the work and actually tells what the rotation was, drive by drive. Hector Longo reviews the action from Sunday and after looking at Corey Dillon wonders if Rosevelt Colvin will ever physically make it all the way back. He’s one year removed from a broken hip. Most doubted he’d even be on the field at this time. Give the guy some credit.

George Kimball (subscription only) has a couple leftover thoughts on the Patriots. He rehashes the amount of Patriots fans at the game, making it almost a home game for New England and looks at the struggles of the Cardinals offense, and area Dennis Green was supposed to vamp up. Shalise Manza Young looks at the number of penalties on the Patriots, a number unacceptable to Bill Belichick. Frank Dell’Apa’s notebook also looks at the sloppiness that needs to be addressed. Guregian’s notebook also looks at the penalties. Young’s notebook looks at what’s ahead for the bye week. Reiss’ notebook says there is nothing to update on the injury to Deion Branch.

Bill Griffith looks at the weekend numbers and other sports media news and notes.

NESN has Red Sox/Orioles at 7:00.

Good News/Bad News

A mixed bag for Boston fans yesterday. The Patriots got their win in Arizona, Nick Cafardo assures readers that the Patriots will lose sometime. Once again, Nick says, the Patriots were “fortunate” in this one. Michael Felger tells us that once again the Patriot players were unhappy with their performance in this game. Tom Curran says this game was all about Corey Dillon and the Patriots new running game. Alan Greenberg says that while the play of the Patriots yesterday was uninspiring, nevertheless, the outcome of the game was never in doubt. Michael Parente says that it was the Patriot defense that was dominating in this one. Scott A Benson says that watching yesterday’s game was “needlessly taxing”, thank in no small part to Charlie Weis. Chris Kennedy says this one wasn’t pretty for the Patriots.

The title of Kevin Mannix’s article (which I realize he had nothing to do with) is much harsher than his article. While Kevin does opine that if the Patriots were playing a decent team yesterday, they’d have been in trouble, he does acknowledge that the hole there were evident in the run defense in game one were nowhere to be found yesterday. Ron Borges says that Corey Dillon made up for a lot lacking elsewhere for the Patriots yesterday, carrying the team to victory. George Kimball (subscription only) looks at Dillon’s presence on the defending Super Bowl champions and marvels at how much better he makes the offense. Ian M Clark celebrates the fact that the Patriots finally have a running back. I’m not sure if Jim Donaldson is using his column to praise the Patriots or bash the Red Sox and Ryder Cup team.

David Givens was another Patriot who had a big day, racking up over a 100 yards in receiving and picking up the slack after Deion Branch was knocked out of the game just before the end of the first half. Joe Burris and George Kimball spotlight the third year receiver from Notre Dame. Brian Gomez looks at Daniel Graham picking up a pair of touchdowns for the Patriots. Curran looks at the Patriots causing confusion for the Cardinals’ young QB. The defense brought the heat on Josh McCown all day according to Burris. Jerry Brown has McCown giving credit to the Pats defense. A subject of controversy, both on the WEEI Football show and the WBCN pregame was the rotation of players on the offensive line. The negative ones (Hello, Kevin Mannix, Ron Hobson) were saying it’s because the players all stink and Belichick can’t find the best ones, the positive ones were saying it was to give them all experience at the different positions, thus created depth in case of injury. Donaldson says that rotation paid dividends in the heat of Arizona yesterday. Gomez has a brief look at the tribute for Pat Tillman.

Another point of controversy on the WBCN pregame show involved Kevin Faulk. Ron Borges and Ken Powers were discussing with Gary Tanguay whether Faulk is out because of still dealing with the situation with his mother passing away, or if he is hurt. Powers and Borges state that Faulk was back with the team this past Tuesday, but did not practice at all during week. Yet, on the injury report, the only entry for Faulk was “personal” problems. Borges and Powers both believe that Faulk’s knee was injured and that the Patriots were just trying to get him through this game so then after the bye he’d have had five weeks to heal. They said Seymour got in trouble for coming back late from his grandmother’s funeral last season and that they themselves (Powers and Borges) only get two days of bereavement leave from their jobs, but Faulk got all this time off for his situation. It got to the point that Powers stated that he had contacted the league office regarding this issue and was assured that they were monitoring it closely. This statement was said in the voice of the kid who runs to the Principal’s office because the big kids are smoking in the boys room. This fixation among the local media with the injury report continues to baffle me.

Cafardo’s notebook has Mike Vrabel employing a little gamesmanship just before the end of the first half. Felger’s notebook focuses on the injury to Branch, with Belichick saying he probably could have played the second half, but the team wanted to be cautious. The ProJo notebook says it was a somewhat rough afternoon passing for Tom Brady. Greenberg’s notebook Kennedy’s notebook and Parente’s notebook all focus on the added dimension of having Corey Dillon in the backfield.

Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback is pretty a book review of Michael Holley’s “Patriot Reign”. Some interesting snippets and quotes in there. Most of the quotes about Parcell’s phone calls had been covered in the past already. King also reveals his love for Dan Shaughnessy later on in the column.

The Red Sox got thumped in the Bronx for the second straight afternoon, throwing cold water on hopes of overtaking the Yankees for the division this year. Game stories are provided by Bob HohlerJeff HorriganSteven KrasnerDavid Heuschkel and David Borges. After the wild win on Friday night, the rest of the weekend was about as low (no pun intended) as it could get for the Red Sox, as they were never in the two weekend games, falling behind early and big each day. Dan Shaughnessy says the chase for the division was fun while it lasted. Sean McAdam says this wasn’t exactly what the Red Sox had planned for the weekend. Tony Massarotti notes that the Red Sox rotation is supposed to be the area in which they’re better than the Yankees. It didn’t show that way this weekend.

Steve Buckley (subscription only) recounts Pedro’s rough day in the Bronx. He says true or not the perception is that Pedro can’t win in Yankee Stadium, and until he wins a World Series, his career is incomplete. He does note however, that Pedro seemed to have been offended by what took place yesterday and might be gunning for some revenge the next time he’s there. Rich Thompson looks at the long ball doing Pedro in yesterday. Shira Springer has Pedro putting the blame on himself for the loss yesterday. Michael Silverman also has a look at the home runs that Pedro gave up, and has been giving up all season.

Howard Bryant (subscription only) says the Yankees regained their confidence and swagger this weekend against the Red Sox, but Joe Torre remains respective of the Sox and what they’re capable of. Schilling and Pedro will be pitching in the three game series in Fenway this coming weekend. Gordon Edes says the much-maligned Yankees pitching staff did just fine this weekend against the top scoring lineup in the league. Rich Thompson looks at Mike Mussina finding himself at just the right time for the Yankees. Michael Silverman looks at the incident between Mike Timlin and Derek Jeter.

Krasner’s notebook has more on that Jeter/Timlin incident. Hohler’s notebook looks at the Red Sox silent bats in the series. Horrigan’s notebook and Heuschkel’s notebook both look at Jason Varitek going hitless in the series. Borges’ notebook says that despite getting roughed up, Pedro insists that he’s healthy.

NESN has Red Sox/Orioles at 7:00. ABC has Vikings/Eagles at 9:00.

I Got Friends In Lowe Places

Sunday links by Ben (

We learned pretty quickly yesterday afternoon that three former Gold Glovers in the infield does not guarantee a Derek Lowe victory. Maybe its two. Maybe its four. Definitely not three. Seven runs (6 earned) in 1+ inning. Lowe

Can The Empire Strike Back?

Saturday links by Rich (

Red Sox
The Red Sox staged a thrilling ninth inning comeback last night to edge the Yanks and pull within 2.5 games (2 in the all important loss column) of the division lead. Game stories by the Globe’s Bob Hohler, who reveals what the pre-game motivating movie was in the Red Sox clubhouse (no it wasn’t Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure, Miracle, or Still We Believe), the Herald’s Jeff Horrigan, who contrasts the shortstop play last night to the shortstop play the last time the Red Sox were in the bronx, the ProJo’s Steve Krasner, who notes that the T-shirts some Sox were wearing before the game were prophetic, the Courant’s Don Amore, the Pawtucket Times David Borges, and’s Ian Browne.

Speaking of miracles, the Globe

Boston Sports Media Contact Information

I’ve decided to compile a list of “Official” email addresses for Boston sports media members. These are all their “corporate” email addresses, unless otherwise noted. Many of these are acquired as a result of the person emailing me. I will not be posting “private” email addresses unless specifically requested by the media person. This list will grow and evolve in time, and will get a permanent link under the “BSMW Material” link to the left. If some are missing, it’s because I don’t have an “official” address for them.

If you’re a media member and would like your address added to the list, please let me know.

Boston Globe Contact Information

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Gordon Edes, Baseball Columnist:
Ron Borges, Football/Boxing Columnist:
Peter May, Basketball Columnist:
Kevin Paul Dupont, Hockey Columnist:
Bill Griffith, Sports Media Columnist:
Bob Hohler, General Assignment Writer:
Nick Cafardo, Football/Baseball Writer:
Shira Springer, Basketball Beat Writer:
Nancy Marrapese-Burrell, Hockey Beat Writer:
Michael Vega, General Sports:
Mark Blaudschun, College Sports:
Frank Dellpa, Soccer:
Ron Indrisano, General Sports:

Boston Herald
Howard Bryant, Columnist:
Tony Massarotti, Baseball Columnist:
Michael Felger, Football Beat Writer:
Steve Bulpett, NBA Beat Writer:

(I can guess at the rest of them…probably firstinitial/ Those are the only “official ones” I’ve seen listed at their webpage.)

Providence Journal
Art Martone, Sports Editor:
Sean McAdam, Baseball Columnist:
Steven Krasner, Baseball Beat Writer:
Tom Curran, Football Beat Writer:
Kevin McNamara, General Sports:

Hartford Courant
Jeff Jacobs, Columnist:
David Heuschkel, Baseball Beat Writer:
Paul Doyle, General Sports:

Jason Wolfe:
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WSKO – The Score
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Lenny Megliola (Metrowest):
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Mike Fine (Patriot Ledger):
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Christopher Price (Boston Metro):
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Alan Greenwood (Nashua Telegraph)
Eric Wilbur (
Dave Jageler:
Russ Kenn: rkenn@NESN.COM

Curt gets Number 20

The Red Sox rolled over the Devil Rays last night in their tuneup game before facing the Yankees (rain permitting) starting tonight in New York. Curt Schilling got his 20th victory of the season. Bob Hohler takes a look at the accomplishment and the win for the team. Jeff Horrigan also focuses on Schilling in his game report. Kevin McNamara notes it was a party-like atmosphere at Fenway last night. Tom Yantz says Schilling pitched just as he did against Northeastern back on March 5th. David Borges’ game story is all about the numbers. Lenny Megliola has a look at Schilling and the impact he’s had on the Red Sox this season. Joe Haggerty concludes the game stories and Schilling accolades.

So it’s onto New York. Dan Shaughnessy looks at the latest chapter in the great rivalry. Sean McAdam says the Red Sox seem ready to take on this biggest challenge. David Heuschkel looks at the rejuvenated Sox talking brave heading into the Bronx. Rich Thompson says Bill Mueller’s walk off homerun against Mariano Rivera was the real key to turning around the season for the Sox. Garry Brown looks at Bronson Arroyo flying ahead to New York to get ready for tonight’s start. Thompson also looks at Arroyo’s preparations for the biggest start of his career.

Gerry Callahan (subscription only) asserts the the Red Sox couldn’t be facing the Yankees at a better time. It all seems to be falling into place for the Red Sox and they seem to be the ones in charge, even though the Yankees still lead in the standings. He thanks the trade of Nomar for all of this. Howard Bryant (subscription only) says the Red Sox believe that they are the better team than the Yankees, and now is the time to prove it. Steve Buckley (subscription only) says to forget history, this rivalry goes to the steel cage match starting tonight.

W. Zachary Malinowski has a feature style article on Orlando Cabrera’s arrival to the Sox and what it has meant to both him and the team. John Tomase takes a look at the future shortstop of the Red Sox, young Hanley Ramirez, who is around the team, watching and observing. Ron Indrisano has a look at the hot-again Kevin Millar. Hohler’s notebook has a look at Bronson Arroyo, who isn’t changed by his plunking of ARod earlier this season. Horrigan’s notebook reports that Ellis Burks could activated as early as tonight. McAdam’s notebook says Bill Mueller could possibly play this weekend too. Yantz’s notebook has more on the red hot Millar. Borges’ notebook has more on Arroyo.

Michael Felger looks at Vince Wilfork, who has made steady improvement in his play and made some big contributions last week against the Colts. Joe Burris looks at 35 year old Emmitt Smith, who still feels he has the skill level to be an effective NFL running back. Hector Longo has the Patriots showing respect to Smith. Tom Curran looks at Deion Branch, who is rapidly making a name for himself around the league, and gets about the highest praise Bill Belichick will hand out about a player: “I’m glad we have him.” Michael Parente looks at the Cardinals, noting that the Defense could present some problems and the Patriots might want to try to go after the Cardinals offense. Chris Kennedy says the Cardinals are a work in progress. Glen Farley notes that after Sunday, the Patriots won’t play until October 3rd.

Eric McHugh looks at the Patriots struggles in kick and punt returns. Ian M Clark has a look at the planned tributes to Pat Tillman on Sunday. Christopher Price has a look at Corey Dillon. Burris’ notebook has a further look at Vince Wilfork. Felger’s notebook says that Ben Watson sat out practice yesterday, but wasn’t listed on the injury report for Sunday. Curran’s notebook has the 1972 Dolphins showing the Patriots no respect for their winning streak. Kennedy’s notebook looks at the Cardinals’ tall receivers. McHugh’s notebook has injury updates.

Stephen Harris says the NHL owners might just eventually impose their own new system without the approval of the players. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell says the owners are all in unison on the lockout issues. Barry Scanlon looks at the Bruins empty training facility in Wilmington. Joe McDonald looks at Andrew Raycroft’s plans for the lockout.

Bill Griffith looks at this weekend’s Sylvania 300 at NHIS. Dave Scott has comments and observations on the state of newspaper and radio sports coverage around the country. Andrew Neff looks at struggles for a Red Sox radio affiliate in Maine.

UPN38 has Red Sox/Yankees at 7:00. (ESPN Nationally) Stay away from ESPN following the game, as they will have the ill-conceived “Who’s Curse Is Worse? Red Sox & Cubs, On Trial”. I can tell already that show is going to be dreadful. ESPN2 will have Boston College/UConn college football at 8:00.