A few items of interest for the afternoon. Eric McHugh says that one of the keys to the Patriots success is always looking for what they’ve done wrong and how they can get better. Tom King says that because of the attitude, the glass is always half-empty for anyone associated with the team. David Pevear says that from top to bottom the team isn’t going to talk about their winning streak. They’re still strictly one game at a time. Glen Farley looks at the firestorm over the comments by Bill Belichick regarding Bill Parcells in Patriot Reign. McHugh’s notebook also covers this topic and some other items from the book.

While it’s interesting to read Belichick’s thoughts on Parcells making the phone calls, it’s not like this is new information. Holley had written an article for the Globe last fall that revealed the phone calls that week. The national media must not have seen that original article, because this story has become a hot topic everywhere and treated as a new revelation.

Red Sox…do we have to talk about them? Eric Wilbur is doom and gloom. Mike Fine says there is nagging worry that this team is sliding back to the club that played .500 ball for nearly three months. Win Bates and Alan Greenwood look at the Sox dropping yet another game to the Orioles last night. Chaz Scoggins also recaps the loss. The playoff roster is among the topics tackled by Gordon Edes in his weekly mailbag. Edes also had an online chat today as well. The Boston.com Red Sox Report Card has low grades for the club this past week.