Despite a very shaky performance from Derek Lowe, the Red Sox managed to come back and beat the Devil Rays in extra innings, 10-8, thanks to a Kevin Millar 2 run homer in the 11th inning. Jeff Horrigan has the story from the Tropicana Dome. Bob Hohler looks at the Sox keeping things going after the postseason clincher last night. Sean McAdam says the Sox avoiding letting any sort of letdown after clinching beat them. David Heuschkel has more on that same theme, as the Sox had no hangover from Monday night. David Borges looks at Derek Lowe getting hit hard once again.

Gordon Edes looks at the struggling Lowe and ponders just what his role in the offseason is going to be. Steve Buckley looks at Terry Francona as he prepares for his first playoffs as a big league manager. John Tomase has a look at Boston’s own version of the Bash Brothers, Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz.

Howard Bryant (subscription only) has a very interesting Boston UnCommon column today. The first part of it deals with Pedro Martinez, and what his future is, not just whether he’s the number one starter in the playoffs, but also his contract. He says scouts have been at Fenway, checking out Pedro. He reports:

One league source with some intimate knowledge of the Red Sox said Saturday he was convinced the club would not go beyond the $11 million per season mark in salary or three-year threshold for Martinez. Another option, the source said, was that the Sox were prepared to offer Martinez a one-year contract worth $15 million, plus incentives. Neither Larry Lucchino nor Theo Epstein could be reached for comment.

He goes on to say that it is unclear whether the Yankees will actually be interested in Pedro. One side says he “has not impeded the Yankees from the playoffs or their destinies” and thus the Yankees would be hesitant to throw a lot of money at a 33 year old pitcher. Others says he could make a Roger Clemens like transition in the Bronx. Hated to regaled. (Was Clemens really ever “regaled” in NY though?) The second part of the column is an appreciation of Ellis Burks and what he has meant to this team this year, even injured and also what he’s meant to the Red Sox organization, and how far it was come since his early years with the Red Sox. A very nice retrospective on a class act.

Steve Buckley (subscription only) looks at the Red Sox last ditch charge to capture the division this week. Michael Gee also has a subscription column looking at the Expos move to Washington DC. Gee was a Senators fan growing up, but has a twinge of sadness at the Expos leaving Montreal. He also says the move is entirely about greed by bad ownership. Howard Bryant has the second part of his series on language barriers in baseball, and today he looks at how the Latino stars of the game have missed out on advertising opportunities because of the language and race issues. Ron Chimelis looks at the death of Carl Yastrzemski’s son, Michael. Bob Halloran’s head is swirling with numbers. David Borges looks at Rocco Baldelli’s season.

Holer’s notebook looks at the Sox going with a four man rotation for the playoffs. He also has Pedro saying that Felix Heredia came to him offering his #45 if Pedro came to the Yankees next season. Horrigan’s notebook has more on the playoff rotation. McAdam’s notebook says the rotation hasn’t been changed for this last week of the season and Division chase. Heuschkel’s notebook says only Pedro and Schilling are locks for the postseason rotation. Borges’ notebook seems to have Francona indicating that unless the Sox are tied with the Yankees by Friday, he’s going to rest his pitchers.

Ron Borges has an article on Drew Bledsoe, who believes he can get it all together and still be a top QB in the NFL. It’s a good read, and Borges doesn’t try to make excuses for Bledsoe’s play or really defend him in any way. He lets Drew try to do it himself. Michael Felger has a look at Eugene Wilson, who is developing into a top-flight NFL defensive back. He looks at concerns regarding Wilson coming out of college, concerns that seem to have been unfounded to this point. He also looks at Tom Brady’s shoulder and talks to Pete Carroll about Brady and Bledsoe. Mike Reiss looks at the problems the Bills offensive line will face in figuring out the Patriots defensive front. Jonathan Comey has his Wednesday NFL notes and power rankings. Michael Parente says Richard Seymour needs to step up, looks at Lawyer Milloy itching to play against the Pats and a couple other items. Jim Donaldson looks at the rash of server injuries around the NFL.

Check back later today for the BSMW Review of “Patriot Reign” including a Q&A session with the author, Michael Holley.

There is a very interesting article by Jim Salisbury in the Philadelphia Inquirier. He looks at the media coverage devoted to Boston area sports franchises and how the Patriots still play second fiddle to the Red Sox when it comes to attention. He has quotes from many members of the Boston media and from the Patriots in here. You’ll probably have to register to read the article, but it’s an interesting outside perspective.

Ron Borges has boxing notes, and makes the case that Roy Jones Jr shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as Sugar Ray Robinson as the best boxer ever.

NESN has Red Sox/Devil rays at 7:00. ESPN will have Twins/Yankees at 7:00 and Giants/Padres at 10:00. ESPN2 will have Rockies/Dodgers at 10:00. CN8 SportsPulse will have their weekly visit from Shira Springer to talk Celtics at 10:00.