A brief afternoon update. Mike Fine looks at the Red Sox perhaps sending a message to the Yankees with their performance in the last two games. David Pevear says it seems inevitable that these two teams will meet again in a few weeks. Steve Solloway says that the weekend series victory over the Yankees isn’t all that satisfying. Alan Greenwood looks at Curt Schilling pitching the Sox past the bombers. Glen Farley looks at the ugliness that erupted in the later innings. Kevin Thomas says yesterday was a great way to end the regular season at Fenway. Bob Stern says the hunt for a playoff spot could come to a (successful) end tonight. Fine’s notebook looks at Schilling’s outing. Thomas’ notebook looks at Trot Nixon getting comfortable in the lineup.

"I'm still not happy with Belichick. I don't know how you can take a million dollars to stay another year to become the head coach and then walk out on the job. I still can't figure out why he didn't take this job." "Bill did a good job for me. But I did a good job for him. Honestly I still can't figure out why he didn't take this job instead of going to New England. If the Patriots never came forward, I think he would have been happy to be the head coach of the New York Jets."

"His excuse about things changing with the death of Mr. Hess was weak. Mr Hess had been dead for seven months. The potential buyers of the the Jets were all told by Goldman Sachs that Belichick, by contract, would automatically be the next coach as soon as I as stepped down."

Who’s that? It’s Bill Parcells. No, that’s not his reaction to Bill Belichick’s comments, rather, those are his comments from the book: “The Final Season My Last Year as Head Coach in the NFL” by Parcells and Will McDonough. Those comments are from 2000. Belichick’s comments in “Patriot Reign” are from 2002. They’re both old. But the Parcells worshipers in the media will never bring up or criticize the words of big Bill, even though he’s squirmed out of multiple agreements himself.

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