The Red Sox won consecutive road series for the first time in a long time, are tied for the wildcard lead, and yet the beat on the airwaves, online, and around the area is still largely negative. Bob Hohler doesn’t seem affected by it though, as he delivers a positive game story after yesterday’s 11-9 slugfest win over the Tigers. Jeff Horrigan looks at the Red Sox managing a win despite giving up seven home runs, six by Tim Wakefield (a modern day MLB record) Steven Krasner looks at the Red Sox finally heading home after the longest road trip of the season. David Heuschkel and David Borges also have coverage of the win. Yesterday, John Tomase had a feature on the “Bad Cop” of the Red Sox, Larry Lucchino. He looks at how whenever there seems to be controversy around the Sox, Lucchino is usually right in the thick of it. I have no idea what the point of Steve Buckley’s subscription only column is today. Something like, yesterday was fun, but the team still needs to prove they’re contenders….I think that’s the gist of it anyway. Nick Cafardo takes a sympathetic look at Terry Francona, who he says is just trying to manage this club his own way. Ron Chimelis says that Kevin Millar is behaving more like a clubhouse cancer than a “Mr Team” type personality. Buckley also looks at Millar apologizing for shooting his mouth off the other night. Bob Halloran says Theo Epstein has the easiest job in the world and has still managed to mess it up. Krasner has a short look at Wakefield making history yesterday. Joe McDonald says that Byung-Hyun Kim is still off in his own world. Horrigan’s notebook says that Manny really appears to be sick:

Judging by his watery eyes, pale complexion and sluggish movements, Manny Ramirez yesterday left few doubters that his absence from the Red Sox lineup over the final two games of the season's longest road trip was due to more than just the Three-Hole Flu.

It appears the doubters are among those who were not actually there, and thus were just making assumptions about Ramirez. Heuschkel’s notebook adds that Manny “looked worse” yesterday than he did Saturday, and was wearing a winter coat to battle chills. Borges’ notebook is still suspicious of Manny. Krasner’s notebook has Millar apologizing to Francona. Hohler’s notebook looks at Wakefield’s rough day.

Michael Felger, Alan Greenberg and Michael Parente report on Rosevelt Colvin coming off the active-PUP list and participating in practice yesterday. Colvin is downplaying his chances of immediately becoming the player he once was, but feels in time it will all come back. Now that he has been taken off the Active-PUP, he cannot be placed on the Reserve-PUP list, which means he’s likely to be active for the season opener. Michael Smith looks at the success of Tom Brady and what the future may yet hold for the two-time Super Bowl MVP. Tom Curran looks at the Patriots beefing up the safety position with their recent draft picks. Ian M Clark looks at one of those players, Eugene Wilson and his comfort level at safety. Chris Kennedy has a look at the ageless Roman Phifer, who just keeps on playing. Marc Carig profiles Kliff Kingsbury as he tries to nail down the third QB position. Del Jones says that the Patriots are approaching dynasty status. Smith’s notebook and Curran’s notebook both have more on Colvin, while Felger’s notebook looks at Brady.

Dan Shaughnessy has the story of 13-year-old Pat White of Quincy, who is battling cancer and still playing baseball.

Yesterday, Bill Burt looked at Tom Fitzgerald coming home to play for the Bruins, and has Andre Tippett speaking about John Elway.

Dave Scott took in yesterday’s Patriots practice and also has some recaps of the Sunday night shows.

NESN has Red Sox/Devil Rays at 7:00. (ESPN2 Nationally) CN8’s Sports Pulse will have Boston College Head Football Coach Tom O