The Patriots need to paste this Mike Chappell article on their bulletin board as the biggest whiners in the NFL, the Colts believe they did not lose fair and square to the Patriots in the AFC Championship. Words from Marcus Pollard and Reggie Wayne in this one may come back to haunt them in the form of some pretty good pops from the Pats in the season opener. Glen Farley reports on Mike Vrabel getting his degree from Ohio State after putting it off for several years.

Dan Le Betard displays some sympathy for professional football players. Armando Salguero explains that Dave Wannstedt will look beyond statistics in choosing his starting quarterback. Of course, it would help if they would actually acquire a front line quarterback to compete with Fiedler rather than the Grieses and Feeleys of the NFL. Jason Cole has a Dolphins notebook with news that Fins owner Wayne Huizenga wants to sue Ricky Williams to recover $5.3 million. He also reports on the continued holdout of Ogunleye and the season ending injury to former Pats special teams ace Chris Akins.

Mark Gaughan reports on a big day for Willis McGahee at the Bills scrimmage with the Browns. It should be noted that Travis Henry also had no problem running over the Browns defense. Gaughan