Mike Reiss has a look at the Patriots signing Dana Stubblefield yesterday. He looks at some questions surrounding Stubblefield and what his role could be on the club. Tom Curran says that Kevin Faulk’s versatility and coachability are the reasons he’s still here in New England. He’s become a favorite of Coach Belichick’s, and will likely have a job here for some time to come, even with the addition of Corey Dillon. Ian M. Clark says that with Faulk and Dillon, the Pats might just have the perfect one-two punch in the backfield for the upcoming season. Hector Longo also has a look at Dillon, noting how he’s fitting in with his teammates thus far and if he really is a changed man after getting out of Cincinnati.

Alan Greenberg and Michael Felger each have a look at Stephen Neal, still trying to get his NFL career on track after injuries have slowed his progress thus far. Marc Craig looks at fullback Fred McCrary, looking to contribute to the Patriots after an injury-plagued first year with the club. Michael Parente looks at veteran QB Jim Miller, hoping to perhaps make the club without throwing a single pass in camp. Tom King looks at Eugene Wilson and the valuable lessons he learned in the wild ride that was his rookie year. Christopher Price also has a look at the young safety, who will no longer be a secret around the NFL. Yes….there’s been a Ron Borges sighting….40 days (and 40 nights) after his byline last appeared in the Globe, Borges is back from vacation (official stance) with a short story about the Patriots negotiations with Benjamin Watson. Very appropriate. Perhaps the one negative story in camp, and that’s the one he’s gotta take. In fairness, it should be noted that Borges went the entire month of July 2003 without writing for the Globe as well. Gotta figure out how to get me a gig like that…In any event, welcome back Ron. You know we got nothing but love for you here at BSMW. (Don’t worry, I didn’t reply to your latest unsolicited vitriolic email to me, just as you said I shouldn’t bother to.) In New York, Bob Glauber says that the Patriots are better than last year, and primed for a repeat.

Felger’s notebook looks at the signing of Stubblefield, saying he’s projected to add some veteran experience at defensive end. Curran’s notebook also looks at the Stubblefield signing, noting that he was likely brought in as a replacement for Rodney Bailey. He also says a deal for Watson could be close, in conflict with what Borges says above. Curran actually talked to Watson, while Borges relied on “industry sources”. We’ll watch to see who was right. Michael Smith (who, rumor has it could be headed to ESPN full time) has a Patriots notebook on the addition of Stubblefield and a couple other items.

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Steve Krasner says some years there are seasons where it just doesn’t work. He wonders if it’s time to say “Wait till next year” with this club. Bob Hohler has a mini-feature on new Sox first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz, who has plenty of Boston connections and is happy to be here. Jeff Horrigan has a look at rookie third baseman Kevin Youkilis, who has surprised many with his ability to contribute right away since being called up to the big leagues. David Heuschkel notes that Theo Epstein is not afraid to make bold moves, and that includes changing his philosophy about defense. Gerry Callahan (subscription only) says that now that Nomar is gone, the blame for the .500 pace of this club needs to be directed at Terry Francona. He questions his in-game moves, wondering if there is any method to his madness in using the bullpen. He cites Sunday’s loss in Minnesota and Wednesday’s loss in Tampa as two games that fall squarely on the shoulders of the manager.

So let us get this straight, Skip: Timlin and Embree can relieve Pedro after 101 pitches, but not Arroyo after 104? Arroyo deserves to be in those bases-loaded situations, but Pedro can't come out for the eighth with the bases empty?

Michael Silverman has a look at the Red Sox minor league shortstop depth, as well as other news about their prospects. Brian MacQuarrie says that the US Women’s Soccer team are no longer Red Sox fans. They now root for the Cubs. The Herald notebook has Nomar and the Red Sox actually refusing comment on something. It also looks at the progress of Scott Williamson in his rehab assignment. Hohler’s notebook looks at this weekend’s starters for the Sox. The three of them hope some of their recent ails and struggles are behind them.

Bob Ryan is shocked and appalled at how low the US has fallen in the international basketball scene. Zach Rocha says this dream team is a nightmare.

Bill Griffith has a look at Wendi Nix, soon to celebrate a full year at channel 7. David Scott declares a Nomoratorium for today, and looks instead at Peter King’s “Master and Commander” article on Bill Belichick in this week’s SI, and a few other items. Scott is being sent out to Patriots camp today and will have a full report on Monday. Andrew Neff has a report on some changes in store for Maine sports TV viewers.

UPN38 will have Red Sox/Tigers at 7:00. ESPN will have the US National Basketball team taking on Serbia at 7:00. Hector Longo and Jimmy Myers will be on CN8’s Sports Pulse at 10:00. FSN will have John Tomase at 10:00.