Jim Baker praises Eddie Andelman for not participating in the Red Sox “media control” effort in the Nomar Garciaparra trade. Baker was spotted dining with Andelman at the Kowloon earlier this week. Coincidence? Chaz Scoggins is tired of watching the Red Sox bullpen continue to blow games for the club.

Glen Farley looks at Ty Warren, who is looking for a much bigger role for the upcoming season. Rob Bradford and Eric McHugh each have an article on Stephen Neal and his quest to really begin his NFL career. Tom King says that even with Corey Dillon around, Kevin Faulk is still going to have a big role with the Patriots. McHugh also has a look at the signing of Dana Stubblefield. The Patriots also released OT James “Big Cat” Williams and QB Kurt Kittner today.

Peter “Captain Hindsight” May enjoys taking a few more shots at Antoine Walker. Let it go, Pete, just let it go. A couple Internet rumors have the Celtics and Lakers talking about a trade that would bring Gary Payton to Boston. Going to LA would be Chris Mihm (sign and trade) and Chucky Atkins. There might need to be another salary coming back to Boston (Rick Fox?) to make it happen. This is all rumor, mind you, but it’s getting wide circulation. Dale Arnold even mentioned it on WEEI today.

Update: WWZN and WEEI are both reporting that a trade has been done. The Celtics send Marcus Banks, Chris Mihm, Chucky Atkins and a second round pick to the Lakers for Gary Payton, Rick Fox and a first round pick.

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