More Pats and Sox links for the afternoon…

Eric McHugh has a look at second year safety Eugene Wilson, who has actually hit camp ahead of schedule in his recovery from groin surgery. Chris Kennedy also had a look at Wilson. Glen Farley takes in the atmosphere of Patriots training camp and paints the picture of a day in practice for the Super Bowl Champions. Tom King reports on David Patten’s comeback. McHugh’s notebook says that the Patriots are unlikely to pursue Pete Kendall, recently released by the Cardinals.

David Scott devotes an entire Scott’s Shots column to the Nomar coverage. Ron Chimelis says that the Nomar deal is going to define the Theo era. Eric Wilbur looks at life beyond Nomar for the Red Sox and says Jason Giambi’s symptoms strongly resemble steroid withdrawal. Kevin Thomas has a look at Hanley Ramirez’s promotion to AA Portland and the anticipation over his arrival.

CNN has a look at a possible NESN/YES merger.

Here’s an email that I got this morning that I found interesting. (And not just because of the first line):

Hey Bruce,
I love your site. You wrote yesterday:

"A couple things still bother me here, such as how come we're hearing about all this stuff now...after the fact. If Nomar was such a monster, why was it only hinted at before he left, and now is coming out in full force? If the media has legit stuff, aren't they obligated to report it? "

Here is something I think generally on the media. Over the past 20-30 years, as journalistic integrity and energy take a back seat to marketing, a backlash effect on reporting exists where it compensates its message based on what was said before, and not on real-life justification. Thus, persons stay away from the Nomar issue because it doesn't seem like a good idea when so-and-so has written that such-and-such is a piece of blah-blah in the past couple of years, and you don't want your new message to be corrupted by prior impressions (even if your not directly responsible for them!).

It is why the press can't cover politics effectively any more, nor local sports teams -- in the latter case they are bouncing around between homerism and pessimism and delivering a message largely within that context. It will take an extraordinary amount of talent and energy on the part of multiple persons to break out of that cycle.

But I am guessing you know this already. I just thought I would share. Keep up the great work.

Andrew W

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