Day one of Patriots camp is in the books. Kevin Mannix says the theme and rallying cry has already been established. “Forget 2003”. That might be hard to do for the fans, but for the players and staff, that’s what they’ll have to do. Mike Reiss has an overview of the good, the interesting and the ugly from the first day of camp. Alan Greenberg notes that Bill Belichick took it easy on the players for the first day of camp. Expect that to change quickly. Michael Smith looks at the necessary evil that is training camp. Michael Felger says that Belichick rewarded the players for their hard offseason work with an easy first day of camp. Ian M Clark says that a focus for the Patriots this season will be applying the lessons learned from the 2002 season. Dan Pires has the interesting note that Rohan Davey was given number 73 to wear yesterday. Why?

His only sign of dissatisfaction was the numbers on backup quarterback Rohan Davey's red practice jersey. No. 6 on game day, Davey sported a number usually reserved for an offensive lineman -- in this case, a very famous one, Patriots all-time great John "Hog" Hannah (No. 73).
Reportedly, Davey, who was the NFL Europe's MVP this past spring, missed his target weight coming into camp.

Rich Thompson and Michael Vega look at Rodney Harrison as he comes into his second year in Patriots camp, after having made quite an early impression in last year’s camp. Jim Donaldson lumps all New England sports fans together and says we all always want something to worry about, so he tries to find things to worry about on the Patriots. He doesn’t come up with much. Michael Parente looks at David Patten coming into camp fighting for a job. Tom Curran looks at Benjamin Watson, a holdout for the Patriots, with no quick resolution in sight. Thompson looks at James Williams, ready to tackle a job with the Patriots after a year off. Curran’s notebook says that Williams passed his conditioning run yesterday, as did everyone who took it. Smith’s notebook says that Williams from excused from taking the run. We’ll let you guess which paper had the right information. Felger’s notebook has a look at some news from the secondary.

Tony Massarotti says that Theo Epstein’s best deal might be to not make a deal at all. David Heuschkel looks at how Nomar Garciaparra and Derek Lowe are handling trade rumors involving them very differently. Michael Silverman says the Sox efforts to make any sort of trade are proving fruitless. Bob Hohler looks at the verdicts coming in on suspensions for the brawl with the Yankees. Sean McAdam says the Sox are paying a higher price for this brawl. The Courant baseball writers team up to look at the suspensions. Karen Guregian says that while the Red Sox are paying a stiffer immediate price, in the long term the brawl might be a key spark to the season. Silverman’s notebook also looks at the suspensions. Hohler’s notebook looks at the stagnant trade market.

Bill Griffith notes that WEEI got big ratings again, but really can’t brag or even talk about them. Why? Seems they didn’t renew their contract with Arbitron. That’s a relief to WEEI listeners who hopefully won’t have to be subjected to the usual self-congratulatory propaganda that follows any ratings period. Jim Baker looks at speculation over the next NFL TV deals. Scott’s Shots welcomes the Patriots and explains why he’s so hard on Shaughnessy.

If you’ve enjoyed reading the Boston Radio Watch website, you might’ve noticed that the link to the site is dead. I contacted the gentleman who runs the site, and it turns out that recently there was a fire in the building where the server for the domain was being hosted and the server was severely damaged. Thankfully no one was injured and they’re working on getting the sites back up and running sometime next month.

UPN38 has Red Sox/Twins at 7:00. FSN will have Michael Holley in at 6:30 and Alan Greenberg at 10:00.

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