…for those of you who can’t wait till tommorow’s papers.

Conditioning test: Everyone who ran passed the conditioning test. Overall the condition of team is “acceptable”

Jeff Burris: Waived – did not report to camp. He (Burris) “made a personal decision and I respect that.”

Eugene Wilson: “Is out there doing what everyone else is doing”.

Do unsigned rookies annoy you?: It’s part of the process – it is what it is. It “could take an hour (to sign them), could take a month”.

Cory Dillon: Is in good condition, ran well, (BB) expects he will be a “contributor”.

Zeron Flemister signed because of Fauria injury and Watson holdout?: “Maybe a little bit”. Mostly had to do with it just working out.

Rosie Colvin: All players should be participating. No one is in the category of Steve Neal last year (unlikely to play).

Is he (Colvin) on schedule?: “I don’t know what the schedule is”. He is moving well, running well, he’ll be out there when he is ready.

Importance of camp on season: I have never been part of a good season where we had a bad camp.

Tom Brady = even keeled?: He is, but he has a spark and a presence and an enthusiasm that is contagious to his teammates.

David Patten: Has had almost a full year to rehab and has looked good all spring.

Bethel Johnson: Has had a real good off season and improved in a lot of areas.