The Sox were unable to carry their winning streak right to the All Star break, and are not happy about it. Bob Hohler has the story of an unhappy and angry Red Sox clubhouse following yesterday’s 6-5 loss to the Rangers. Jeff Horrigan says that yesterday’s loss doesn’t erase the impact that the last week has had for the fortunes of the this team. Sean McAdam sees a positive in that the Sox at went least down fighting yesterday. Mike Anthony says the outlook is very good for the Red Sox despite the result yesterday. David Borges looks at a Hollywood ending denied the Sox yesterday at Fenway. Tony Massarotti has a midseason report card for the Red Sox. Lenny Megliola says the first half of this season has seen a little bit of everything for the Red Sox. John Tomase reveals the secrets to second half success for the Sox. Del Jones says there are a lot of positives to consider from the first half. Talk radio has likely found it’s fodder for the next four days (Dennis and Callahan already spewed their venom on the topic this morning) as Manny sat out yesterday’s game with what was termed as sore hamstrings. He did pinch hit late in the game, but could’ve been useful during the first eight innings as well. Nick Cafardo though, says Manny should be given a mulligan for this one. Alex Speier also has a look at Manny sitting out, and has a few joking quotes from Manny on the subject that Cafardo doesn’t have. (Nor do most of the notebooks below.) Manny joked that if the Sox had ARod, maybe he (ARod) would play every single day.

An excellent story from the weekend is a feature-style piece by Jon Couture on Jason Varitek. Matt Kalman looks at another rough outing for Keith Foulke. Mike Shalin looks at Tim Wakefield overcoming a little bit of a rough second inning in which he gave up three runs. Marvin Pave says that despite yesterday, the players are very confident heading into the break. Michael Gee (subscription only) says that winning streaks built on scoring 10 runs a game do not last long, and that this Red Sox team has some pitching issues that the optimists cannot ignore. Jeff Sullivan looks at the festivities being planned for the AAA All Star game in Pawtucket. Some former Sox will be in attendance, including Oil Can Boyd. Kalman looks at David Ortiz, eager to get to Houston and take part in his first All Star experience. Bob Halloran breaks down a few numbers on the Sox. Shalin has a brief bit on Johnny Damon hitting the break on a hot note. The notebooks are mostly about Manny. McAdam’s notebook looks at the situation, Anthony’s notebook has Manny joking about not playing on Sundays. Horrigan’s notebook has Theo Epstein saying there’s no controversy here. Borges’ notebook looks at another disappointing outing for Keith Foulke. Hohler’s notebook has Buck Showalter checking out the Sox bullpen for any evidence of sign-stealing.

Tim Weisberg has a look at the Celtics youngsters as they wrapped up their week in the Orlando summer league. Next up for the Celtics, Las Vegas. Steve Bulpett says the Celtics are still in the hunt for Antonio McDyess, but are also in contact with the agents for former Celtics Eric Williams and Rodney Rogers. Gabe Kahn has a look at how the Celtics were able to re-sign Mark Blount. One thing that I’ve noticed over the last week in stories about Blount is that the Herald has him at age 30 and his contract taking him to age 36, while the Globe says he’s 28 now and the contract takes him to 34. When it happened once, I just figured it for a simple error, but it happened more than once. Which is the truth? lists his birthdate at 11/30/75, so that makes him 28 now, and will be 29 in November. Edge – Globe.

Dave Scott wraps up the Sunday night sports shows, and notices the Globe Sunday Notes columns undergoing a subtle change. Mike Siciliano wrote yesterday about the trend for LOUD in all sports related coverage. I think that translates to the Internet as well. Can never have enough 80pt fonts. This next bit is not really sports related, but it’s applicable to the page…have you ever wanted to write your own column? Tom Ferrick Jr tells you just how easy it is. Columns are built with a formula, and the genre is actually quite limited. After you read this, consider the things he says when you read future sports columns. You’ll see the formula in effect.

I do wish to thank the Dennis and Callahan program for one thing. Recently they’ve starting “teasing” the calls of “Angry Bill” AKA Paul Constine. They’ll say something to the effect that his call will be right after the next break. That gives me ample warning to change the station. I appreciate that, I really do. Now if he can stay off of NESN as well, I’ll be happy. Will this guy just go away? I’m tired and angered at his portrayal as being the typical passionate Sox fan. As Pete Sheppard would say, this guy is a joke.

ESPN will have the Home Run Derby (with David Ortiz) at 8:00 tonight. CN8 will have Mike Petraglia and Taylor Twellman from the Revolution on the 10:00 edition of Sports Pulse. NESN will be showing Red Sox games from the first half, condensed to 60 minutes in their “16 in 60” series, starting at 7:00. On FSN, Bob Rodgers will be co-hosting with Gary Tanguay, and guests at 6:30 will be Sean McAdam and John Tomase. Andy Gresh will be on at 10:00.