Mike Florio explains that other NFL quarterbacks are ignoring the Mannings and their Passing Academy. The following statement about Jake Delhomme by Peyton Manning may explain why other quarterbacks have enough of the Mannings.

"We're kind of disappointed Jake couldn't come back," Peyton Manning told the New Orleans Times-Picayune on Friday. "He tried to charge us an appearance fee now that he's gotten so big-time."

Florio also gets in a dig at Robert Kraft for not giving a Super Bowl ring to Jamin Elliott as well as a look at the Giants now entering a bid to get a new stadium in New York City.

Chad Berndston reviews Howard Rosenberg’s book “Cap Anson 2” about Boston Hall of Famer Mike “King” Kelly. Kelly is known as the original “Casey at the Bat”. Rosenberg writes about baseball in the 19th century.

Mike Lupica has joined Chris Russo (WFAN) in saying three words about the Yankees pursuit of Randy Johnson. “Enough is Enough”.

Dan Le Betard believes the Heat are getting a bargain in the Shaq O’Neal deal.

Matt Egan of the Hartford Courant tells us everything he hates about the changes in sports. Unfortunately, he’s right about most of these things.

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