Some late lunchtime links…

Bob Stern says all of a sudden they’re the feel-good Red Sox again. Alan Greenwood says the Sox are suddenly stirring once more. Ron Chimelis looks at continued signs of life from the club. Mike Fine says that if Pedro wants to take an extra day in the Dominican, he’s earned it. Sort of an interesting trend there having a couple writers coming out and saying it shouldn’t be such a big deal if he leaves a little early or gets back a bit late. A contrast to previous years, for sure. Eric Wilbur looks at the Sox/Randy Johnson rumors. John Donovan says Red Sox fans are “sick”. Fine’s notebook says that Schilling might rest his ankle rather than pitching in the All Star game. Chimelis’ notebook looks at Ortiz participating in the home run contest, thanks to Manny.

Ian Logue has a Patriots training camp preview. also has their Patriots’ offseaon overview. Andy Hart of PFW has a look at Daniel Graham’s offseason work. John Clayton breaks down the AFC East.

Mark Blount has re-signed with the Celtics. The story was listed as “breaking news” on the Celtics’ web site, but is presently nowhere to be found there. However, Shira Springer has confirmed the signing. In a just-completed chat on, Chad Ford had more on the Celtics’ next plans:

Yes, they had Blount's early bird rights which means that they still have their full mid-level exception at their disposal. They've been talking to more bigs obviously, most notably Antonio McDyess.

Mike Loftus looks at Ian Moran re-signing with the Bruins, and feeling that there is something good building here.

Jason Zengerle of the New Republic Online has an interesting article about Mike Krzyzewski, speculating whether the coach’s flirtation with the Lakers was nothing more than a power play on new Duke president Richard Brodhead.

A couple shameless plugs for BSMW enterprises….Philly Sports Media Watch chugs along…they’re disappointed in their Phillies and in losing out on Mark Blount. We have a new BSMW store created, hopefully it will be a little easier to navigate. It’s still being stocked, but there’s a ton of great selections in there, and given the World Series of Poker craze, there is a whole “Las Vegas” section. Thanks to “Tiki” for her hard work in putting that all together.