The calm before the storm.

The Red Sox and Yankees renew acquaintances tonight at Yankee Stadium. Steve Buckley puts together a lengthy look at how the Yankees have rebounded from their early season struggles. Gordon Edes looks at the Yankees, who have been on an incredible hot streak since getting cuffed around by the Sox in April. Michael Silverman also has a look at how things have changed since the last meeting between the teams. David Heuschkel looks at the Sox trying to rise above the 27-26 record they’ve posted since May 1st. David Borges says the Sox should make up some ground this week. Nick Cafardo has the Sox hoping this series gives them the boost they need, and looks at Kevin Youkilis as he prepares for his first Red Sox/Yankees experience. Jon Couture also has a bit on Youkilis. Don Amore writes about the Yankees looking to settle a score with this series. Gerry Callahan (subscription only) looks at the non-production of Kevin Millar, pretty much making the point that it is put up or shut up time for Millar. Art Martone looks at the frustrations of Theo Epstein as he looks over his club’s performance. Lenny Megliola checks in with Aaron Boone, now with the Indians. John Tomase compares Curt Schilling to Roger Clemens. Michael Gee (subscription only) says that being behind the Yankees puts the Sox in a dangerous position. He says they need to win the division. Period. For those who say that making the playoffs is the most important things, Gee has some words for you:

This notion is a pernicious rationalization by and for born losers. Forget the fact it hasn't worked for the past three Red Sox wild card teams. Teams can't be built for the postseason. They can only be built to play well all the time.

Tomase also has a look at what the return of Trot Nixon has meant to the Sox. Silverman’s notebook looks at some Red Sox charitable work for the victims of the floods in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Cafardo’s notebook says that Sox bullpen coach Euky Rojas can empathize with what Jose Contreras recently went through.

James Murphy looks at the Bruins search for the next Patrice Bergeron. Steve Conroy says that the Bruins are confident in the abilities of their scouts.

John Molori talks with the Score’s Scott Cordischi, who has some fightin’ words for WEEI.

NESN has Red Sox/Yankees at 7:00. FSN will have Michael Holley on the 6:30 show and Alan Greenberg at 10:00. CN8’s SportsPulse will have a 1on1 with Patriots Linebacker Rosevelt Colvin tonight at 10:00.