Boston Radio Watch has an interesting piece dealing with the departure of Christopher Brennen from Sporting News Radio. They say this is likely the death knell for 1510 the Zone in Boston. They conclude the piece by talking about the desire on the part of SNR to sell the Celtics radio rights and then wash their hands of the station:

Since the end of the C's season in April, the Zone's owner, SNR, has been trying to opt out of the last year(2005/06) of the Celtics 5-year deal which has been strangling the station and complicating any potential sale. It was expected that The Zone was going to carry the team's games for one more year(2004/05 season) and that would be it. But, now, with Brennan's unexpected departure, radio insiders say SNR will now push hard to expedite its divorce process from the original Celtics deal which was done by Brennan himself. SNR will likely seek to either sub-license the upcoming season's broadcasts to another station in the market or simply buy broadcast time on any station that will take cash.

If SNR is successful in its attempt to free the Zone from C's rights in the upcoming days, it will finally allow the company to do what it's been trying to do for all these months -- find a buyer for AM 1510, close its shop in Boston and cut its losses as it gets out of town...

Len linked this article on Sunday, but the meat of the article was something I didn’t get to read until today, and it is a interesting read.