Just what is it about road games during interleague play? The Red Sox fell once again to the lowly Rockies, this time 7-6. Bob Hohler has a look at a shaky outing from Curt Schilling, who insists that he’s “turned the corner” as far as his ankle is concerned. Jeff Horrigan also has Schilling saying he felt great and felt strong last night on the mound. Sean McAdam says it was poor command and poor execution that did Schilling and the Sox in last night. The headline to David Heuschkel’s article says Schilling could end up on the DL, but that possibility is not mentioned anywhere in the article. Michael Silverman has an article on Nomar, who is lashing out a bit at the people who are critical of his early performance and from what he did at the plate at the end of last season. WEEI hosts and callers will be all over this. Nick Cafardo has a look at the return of Trot Nixon to the Sox lineup. McAdam reports that Derek Lowe is working with a sport psychologist in an effort to get things turned around for himself. Silverman has Nixon giving himself a mixed review in his first game back. Jeff Sullivan takes a peek around SoSH and has a number of other mostly baseball related thoughts. Terry Nau in the same paper, also has a thoughts column. Two in one day? Heuschkel’s notebook has Pedro saying that Nomar wants to stay in Boston….and he does too. Hohler’s notebook looks at Nomar’s slow start to his return. Horrigan’s notebook has Anastacio Martinez being sent down to make room on the roster for Nixon. McAdam’s notebook also looks at the return of Nixon.

From the saying something for the sake of saying something department…last night on FSN, Greg Dickerson said he was glad to have Trot Nixon back, because it meant better defense in right field. He said Kevin Millar has done fine at Fenway but was having trouble with some of the bigger right fields around the league. Ahem…isn’t Fenway one the biggest right fields in the majors?

Michael Smith reports on a strained achilles for rookie tight end Ben Watson. Mike Reiss has further details on Tedy Bruschi’s new contract.

Lenny Megliola reminds us again that fans and player don’t care about the history of the Boston Celtics. I’m not sure what the purpose of this article is, other than to just be negative. Bill Reynolds reviews the NBA finals, noting that the Lakers really embarrassed themselves. Jackie MacMullan compares the Pistons to the Patriots. Peter May says this finals loss is likely to usher in a new era for the Lakers. Steve Bulpett looks at how the Pistons were able to topple the Lakers, and what this means going forward. I respect Glenn Ordway’s opinions on the NBA. Listening to his backtrack yesterday was laughable. After insisting (correctly) for years that the team with the best player always won the series, he changed course and yesterday insisted that it’s the team with the most talent that wins, and that the Pistons have more talent than the Lakers. It’s not about the best player…it’s about the most overall talent. He took quite a little beating on the whiner line for his “that’s not what I said…” stand.

Plenty of US Open stories in the local papers…too many to link here. Here are the Golf sections of the Globe and the Herald.

NESN president and general manager Sean McGrail answered viewer questions in this week’s edition of the NESN.com Executive Mailbag. He reveals plans to re-launch the Globe Sportsplus show with a new set and format and making a twice-weekly show. He also talks about discussions with DirecTV to make the NESN HD feed available from that carrier. The Boston Radio Watch website has a couple WEEI and WWZN notes in the latest edition. You can listen to the WEEI guys bash the NBA and tell you how unwatchable it is, but the numbers would disagree. The NY Times has the numbers from the Finals and here are a couple interesting points:

The Detroit Pistons' clinching victory over the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 5 of the N.B.A. finals on ABC on Tuesday night generated a 13.8 Nielsen rating, a 123 percent leap from last year. It was the highest-rated Game 5 since 1998.

For each of the five games, ABC won the prime-time ratings race. And the ratings for key male demographics were the highest since 2001; the rating for men 18 to 34 was the highest since the 1998 finals.

NESN has Red Sox/Rockies at 3:00. CN8 Sports Pulse will have Mike Petraglia from MLB.com to talk Red Sox at 10:00. FSN will have Tony Massarotti as a guest on the 6:30 show and Pete Sheppard on the 10:00 show.