Scraps and tidbits pieced together from around the web…

Eric McHugh and Andy Hart have more on Tedy Bruschi’s new contract with the Patriots. McHugh’s piece also looks at the Patriots rebuffed interest in Neil O’Donnell, and Hart’s has a bit on the injury to Ben Watson.

Clark Booth thinks that the media around here is and has been a little too tough on Nomar. A pretty interesting read, really. Eric Wilbur has more to say about the Devil Rays than he does about the Red Sox today. Yesterday, John Tomase looked forward to Trot’s return. Joe Haggerty has another look at Chasing Steinbrenner. Steve Czaban looks at the trials and tribulations associated with being a newly converted Red Sox fan.

Gabe Kahn reviews the second half of the first year of the Danny Ainge era. William Kalec looks at how the Lakers demise was reason for Red Auerbach to light up a victory cigar. Michael Muldoon has a look at the NBA Finals and the end of the Laker dynasty. Bill Simmons also has a look back at the end of the Laker dynasty. Kevin Canfield has an interesting bit in the New Republic Online, which deals with the nauseating coverage of Kobe Bryant.