Another edition of Lunchtime Links…

Mike Fine says Nomar is back and all fans can take a deep breath. Bob Stern looks at a short, but sweet night for Nomar in his return to the big leagues. Alan Greenwood notes that an anemic night at the plate by the Red Sox spoiled the 2004 debut of Nomar.

Russ Conway looks at Ray Bourque’s election to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Mike Loftus says that Bourque always did things his way – and it led him to the Hall. Glen Farley also looks the honor for Bourque.

The Patriots opened their mini-camp this morning. Ty Law was there. He apparently had a meeting with Bill Belichick, after which he stated he wants to retire as a Patriot. You can also listen to Bill Belichick’s press conference. He’s a little testy in the beginning dealing with the repeated Ty Law questions. Nick Cafardo was on WWZN with Dave Jageler and in response to a caller stated that he can’t believe anyone wouldn’t want to hire Charlie Weis as their head coach as he is Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick rolled into one.