Nomar returned to the Red Sox last night, but the Sox fell to the Padres 8-1 with a lengthy rain delay in the middle of the game. Always fun to see what NESN can trot out there for delays of that length. Game stories from the washout are filed by Nick CafardoSean McAdamJeff HorriganDavid Heuschkel and David Borges.

Nomar’s return was of course the major story of the evening. Many seem to feel that last night was just the beginning of Nomar’s final season with the Red Sox. Tony Massarotti feels it could be that way. Dan Shaughnessy is more certain, he feels Nomar is gone for sure at the end of the year. He even tells us that Nomar’s agent is telling people he wants to play second base for the Yankees next year. Shaughnessy seems to hint that he doubts the severity of Nomar’s injury by weaving in terms like “mysterious injury” and “magic bullet theory”. (Perhaps a bit inappropriate as the nation buries a former President) He says Nomar announced that there will be no Nomar Bowl in 2005 and gives that as evidence that Nomar is outta here next year. I believe Nomar’s plan all along was to make this year’s event the last one, because it was the fifth one, and he does everything in fives…Steven Krasner doesn’t focus on the future, he just looks at last night for Nomar. Ron Borges on MSNBC says that Nomar’s return to the Red Sox is much needed. David Heuschkel says last night was Nomar’s own personal opening day. David Borges also has a look at the night for Nomar. Michael Silverman notes that Nomar’s debut was the only positive thing that happened for the Red Sox last night. Joe Haggerty says that Nomar’s return puts a big piece back in place for the Sox, and soon they’ll have Trot Nixon back as well. Michael Gee (subscription only) says that nothing about the delay in Nomar’s return was sketchy or had any ulterior motives attached. It was just the best for all parties involved for Nomar not to return until he felt ready to play. John Connolly looks at the effect of Nomar’s return on the fans. Mike Shalin gets reaction from the players that will be affected by Nomar’s return, namely Pokey Reese and Mark Bellhorn.

Adam Kilgore looks at Andy Dominique, who is relieved not to have been sent down to the minors with Nomar’s return. Dominique dropped a throw that hit him in the glove from Nomar last night, and then threw wildly to home, allowing the Padres to score twice. The ball hit him in the glove, yet Jon Meterparel, a noted Nomar-basher, (is it an act? probably) said on his sportsflash this morning that Nomar’s throw was “errant”. Sorry Jon, your agenda is showing. Connolly looks at the night for Bronson Arroyo, who pitched fairly well, but had his defense let him down. Marc Craig says Trot Nixon is closing in on his own return to Fenway. The ProJo notebook says that Nixon isn’t quite ready yet. Horrigan’s notebook says Nixon hopes to be back within a week. Cafardo’s notebook looks at Brian Daubach being sent down. Heuschkel’s notebook has more on Daubach, while Borges’ notebook looks at the moves of the day for the Red Sox.

Yesterday was a big day for Ray Bourque as the former Bruin was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell, Steve Conroy, and Paul Doyle have articles on Bourque. Everyone knew this was coming, and Kevin Paul Dupont confirms that yesterday was just a mere formality. Marrapese-Burrell also looks at Andrew Raycroft, who could be up for some postseason awards.

Michael Felger and Tom Curran look at the Patriots mini-camp which starts today. The biggest subplot is of course Ty Law and what if anything, the cornerback will have to say about his situation. Michael Preston looks at Rohan Davey’s smashing season in NFL Europe.

Steve Bulpett looks at who the Celtics might leave exposed in the expansion draft. Chucky Atkins is a surprise candidate.

John Molori looks at the comments from Larry Bird and Bill Parcells this week and gives credit to The Chris Collins Brand for being ahead of the curve on the Nomar return in this week’s edition of Media Blitz

WB56 Sports Director Mike Ratte has just signed a new three-year contract at the station. WEEI has been broadcasting in Rhode Island on 103.7 FM for over a month now, but today on their “official” opening broadcast, with live remotes in the state, they’ve run into all sorts of technical difficulties.

NESN has Red Sox/Padres at 7:00. ABC has Lakers/Pistons game three at 9:00.